How DIE kills the American Dream

DIE (Diversity, Inclusion, Equity) is the cause du jour of the American hard left in its quest to destroy capitalism.  DIE is the practice of elevating the meritless or those of lesser merit above the truly accomplished.  This is done according to race; people of color (PoC) are given preferential (or exclusive) access to jobs, positions, and rewards.  Those who actually work hard and succeed are left twisting in the wind for having the wrong color skin.  All this has nothing to do with merit, but with getting even with those who have done nothing wrong to get even about.

The DIE-hards will never admit this, preferring instead to present a more "fairness"-based system so that minorities will ostensibly get equity against more qualified workers.  They don't want an equal starting point; they want PoC to have a leg up, an advantage over and above white people and Asians.  They believe that this is good.  Or do they?

It is my contention that proponents of DIE know full well that the doctrine is designed to remove fairness and in its place give preferential treatment to PoC, regardless of their qualifications.  DIE-hards want the power over other human beings, a seminal sin harkening back to biblical times.

Being qualified and prepared to do a job is less important to the DIE-hards than kicking a white person or an Asian person off the ladder to success.  They want success unearned, merit for the meritless, and a place at the table where only other PoC sit.  In short, they want Whitey gone.  Asians, too.  Why?

I believe they want to crush white people because the latter actually believe that competence at a job is far preferable to incompetence, and they do not.  By contrast, it matters not that the DIE-hards want the ill equipped to get preferential treatment in hiring and enrollment so long as a white person gets kicked in the 'nads up the ladder.  It is vengeful against people who have not harmed anyone or kept slaves.

The beneficiaries of DIE have not been slaves, nor have their parents.  In fact, many DIE-hards are white, some are executives, some run banks and hedge funds, some run schools and colleges — none has owned slaves.  Why have they all signed on to this doctrine?  You cannot tell me they believe in their hearts that all white people are racists or that America is "systemically racist."  Both are lies.

What is to be done about DIE? We have seen the dangers to businesses, schools, and families when DIE is implemented in thought or deed.  I propose that a national campaign against DIE be implemented.  What would this look like?

  • News footage of the destruction of cities, neighborhoods, businesses, banks, etc. as a direct result of DIE — when you eliminate the competent, you raise up the resentful incompetent, who do not make good job decisions or create wealth except for themselves.
  • Long-form podcast and radio broadcasts of anti-DIE speakers telling audiences how DIE kills capitalism by lowering the quality of employees hired by DIE-hards.  Consumers don't want to buy services and goods sold and purveyed by the incompetent and race-baiters.  (Case in point: dismal Oscar ratings; the closing of Bed, Bath & Beyond stores; Disney crashing; Netflix losing massive numbers of viewers — all for the woke of it.)
  • Personal boycotts of businesses that employ DIE departments.
  • Vocal discussions at county/neighborhood meetings regarding an absolute ban on DIE (and CRT) programs.
  • Politicians such as Ron DeSantis outlawing DIE, CRT, and all their permutations.
  • Honest phrasing such as "DIE is a method to amass money and power over others; it is not a racially sensitive conciliatory modus operandi."  Let no one be deceived.
  • Let us begin using the words "evil," "sinister," "deceptive," "racist" to describe DIE.
  • Get tough, get on TV, call in to radio stations, lobby your reps, talk about DIE as the death mask of a nihilistic philosophy.  Paint it racist, because it is.

That should be a good start, and start we must if capitalism is to survive against the Marxist socialist/communist DIE onslaught that is well underway in America.  Resist or DIE.

Image: Rodnae Productions.

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