Gun-grabber hypocrisy 2: NPR gushes over trans group arming up and forming gun club 'Rainbow Reload'

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National Public Radio (NPR) has no shame over using taxpayer funding to push the political agenda of gun control.  But, as Tucker Carlson noted last night, it isn't against all guns; it is only against guns in the "wrong" hands.   The "right" hands to own guns include people who claim to be "trans," as Tucker noted.  Watch and laugh at Tucker's riffs (as you take in the sober reality of the real agenda behind gun-grabbers).

Rush Transcript (corrected) by Grabien:

>> Tucker: you don't need an AR-15 or whatever they call it. That's the head of the Democratic Party speaking clearly that the party's position on guns, if we don't control them you can't have them. Every Democrat thinks this as part of the catechism. So, you can imagine our surprise, we'll driving through Cambridge in the hybrid Subaru, listening to National Public Radio, the voice of menopausal liberalism. As we're listening, we hear this. We are going to play it for you, see if you can understand our total shock.
>> Mass shootings targeting LGBTQ+ spaces, anti-trans rhetoric, queer people to take up arms, joined a monthly gathering of a gun group that sees firearms as key to their own self-defense.
>> . this story does include the sound of gun fire. The parking lot of state park in southeastern New Hampshire is filling up with hikers, there is a different crew packing up warm clothes and weapons.
>> Thank you for coming to Rainbow Reload.
>> Tucker: your anti-trans rhetoric makes the trans community carry guns. They are packing heat, appendix carrying in more ways than one, watch out. Wait a second, we thought. This is NPR? National Public Radio? Suddenly telling you that actually guns are good, they are valuable tools of self-defense really against you. So, there are times when guns are gad, says NPR. We thought wait a second we've been listening to NPR since Click and Clack the brothers. For example, the U.S. has more guns than any other country be the world. This is the same NPR that in between updates on the latest trans dinosaur emojis, we've been following those carefully, calling for more gun control, and not subtle ones like the segment he titled many gun owners support gun control so why don't they speak out? A lot of gun owners for gun control, of course they do. Yet here is that same National Public Radio -- state radio, state media controlling the Biden Administration --  encouraging people to go to the gun store immediately. But not all people. Just trans people. Guns are bad except in the hands of trans people. Wow. Here is more.
>> Groups like Rainbow Reload exist around the country often called Pink pistol clubs, experts in the gun curious to practice and improve their shooting. This goes beyond hobby, there is a goal here to prepare and protect themselves.
>> If the world is dangerous, then you have to be dangerous back. And that very much has pushed me into where I am now.
>> Tucker: "the gun curious." Well you know when NPR describes something as -curious, it's a gun thing. The pedophile-curious. Now the gun-curious. The world is dangerous you have to be dangerous back. Now is that a quote from FBI indicting the Proud Boys? No, it's an NPR segment. At this point it's hard to tell the difference in the lip-smacking NPR reporters are saying without any self-awareness at all. What's  going on here? NPR decided guns are bad except when the enforces ideology have guns, you can't have guns but faithful servants of the Democratic Party can, that makes sense because like all totalitarians they want a monopoly on force, right? So, debate ends at that point when one side has all the firearms, you don't have to argue, you say well you can't change your sex. Shut up, bigot. Bang bang.

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