Groomers: 'Hi, little boy! Would you like to become a little girl?'

It doesn't matter where you live — there are LGBTQIA+ groomers targeting your children.

From Drag Queen Story Hours to graphic sexual education in schools, gay media, and especially the internet, your children are bombarded by adults who want unrestricted access to them.  Why?  So they can tell them about kinky sex, sodomy, and transgender ideology.

Today, we have grown men who dress as sexed up grotesque caricatures of women, twerking in front of preschoolers and reading them gender-confusing books.  We have organizations like Planned Parenthood distributing hormone replacement therapy (HRT) drugs to confused teenagers and giving them information on chest-binders and genital mutilation surgeries.  Then there is the "Free Mom Hugs" organization, which is a despicable group that tells young people that if their families don't accept their gender identity, then the group will be their mom.  "Free Mom Hugs" is the ultimate grooming organization, promoting dangerous transgender ideology that will likely brainwash, mutilate, poison, sterilize, and eventually kill your children.

In my small Southern town deep in the Bible Belt, you would think kids would be relatively safe from transgender ideology and LGBT indoctrination, but you might be surprised.  There is an individual who dresses up as a creepy wizard and wants to befriend the town's children.  He wants to teach them how to be more accepting of LGBT "folx," teach them about "Love" and "Diversity," and teach them that it is okay for them to be whatever gender they choose.  He wants children to believe that it is "cool" to be a homosexual.  This person wears a silly hat and casts spells on people.  He also describes himself as a "raging homosexual."  He is more like the demonic clown Pennywise in the movie It than a happy gay wizard.

This self-proclaimed "town wizard" and "Free Mom Hugs of Alabama" are hosting a rock-painting event at a local park to teach children about "Love" and "Diversity," which are code words for lust and perversity.  They are hoping to befriend children in the park and establish an emotional connection so they can indoctrinate them into a dark, perverse, and absurd ideology.  This tactic is extremely insidious, as it is going to be a beautiful day with lots of children at the park, who are vulnerable to creepy adults who want to lie to them and destroy their souls.

Imagine letting your kids go to the park to play, only for them to encounter a stranger pretending to be their friend, only to find out that this new so-called "friend" is trying to groom the children into a perverse lifestyle, all with the full endorsement of the local city government.

As a society, we've come a long a way from "hi, little girl, would you like some candy?"  We are now at "hi, little boy, would you like to become a little girl?"

It is way past time for decent people to take a stand against this degeneracy and grooming of our children.

The children are the future.  A society that cannot protect the children has no future.

Image via Pixabay.

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