Google grapples with Tucker Carlson's debunking of 'climate crisis' predictions of doom

At first, I thought Tucker was only going to say a few words about Greta's crash-and-burn tweet deletion (see "Greta Thunberg quietly deletes tweet from 5 years ago predicting only 5 years left to save us from climate apocalypse...and Tucker pounces"), but the longer that went on, the more it sounded like American Thinker's, Steve Milloy's, Marc Morano's, and all the others' material on ye olde global cooling craze / end-of-snow / ice-free Arctic summers problems.

In looking for the video links on my own before breakfast to send to various folks, the screen capture below shows how Google was scrambling to put that toothpaste back into the tube.

Hilarious!  "Reliable"?

Thomas Lifson adds: After due consideration and the passage of a full day, Google decided to treat Tucker's video as "reliable," I guess, with straightforward links.

But it is quite interesting that the first response was to question the reliability.  I wonder if MSNBC and CNN get the same treatment.  Does Google have a blacklist of sources whose reliability is automatically suspect?  Do Greta's pronouncements get the "wait for reliable sources" treatment?

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