German officials jettison the elderly to make way for migrants

“The proletariat will use its political supremacy to wrest, by degree, all capital from the bourgeoisie… Of course, in the beginning, this cannot be effected except by means of despotic inroads on the rights of property….” — Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in The Communist Manifesto

One of the most distressing trends to witness in the modern era is the governments’ trajectory towards utilitarianism that leaves behind it a bloody wake of “useless eaters.” Finding a person’s value not in his/her humanity but in subjective and ever-changing standards (commoditized humanity), is rampant within leftism — which is why they’re such vocal proponents of abortion and euthanasia. Human rights abuses, and eventually state-sponsored murder, seems to always emerge as the “solutions.”

Enter (again): the German government and its collaborators.

Last week, Remix News published a report which began with the following:

Many elderly nursing home residents were left in tears after they were evicted to make room for migrants in Berlin. The case has received widespread media coverage and highlights a growing trend in Germany.

Also, from Slay News:

Germany has begun serving eviction notices to poor and elderly citizens as the government makes room to house foreign refugees.

In the German city of Lӧrrach, forty people living in the same apartment building have been given eviction notices.

Zsolt Bayer, a well-known Hungarian journalist, identified these leftist open-border migration policies as “communism” and noted that these “policies are a replica of earlier Hungarian ones under Soviet rule.”

I have a penchant for dystopian literature (1984 remains my favorite), and around six or seven years ago, I read a collection of short stories by novelist Margaret Atwood; one tale in particular haunts me to this day. 

“Torching the Dusties” follows Wilma, a nearly-blind elderly woman who lives in an assisted living center known as Ambrosia Manor. Her diminished eyesight makes her reliant on a fellow resident, Tobias, who fills her in on the rather boring daily occurrences at the Manor — then one day, there are picketers at the gate, holding signs that say “Move Over” and “Time to Go”. Over the course of several days, the protesters multiply, and they become more brazen. From the text:

…Wilma turns on her kitchenette radio and prepares to gather intelligence. A news report adds little to what they already know: Our Turn is a movement, it’s international, it appears aimed at clearing away what one of the demonstrators refers to as ‘the parasitic dead wood at the top’ and another one terms ‘the dustballs under the bed.’

Eventually, the protesters become a frenzied mob, chanting “Time to Go. Fast Not Slow. Burn Baby Burn. It’s Our Turn.” Thanks to Tobias’s resourcefulness and prescience, he and Wilma make it safely into the Manor’s vast gardens before the mob descends on the building and burns the rest of the residents alive.

Truth is stranger (or rather, more disturbing) than fiction, right?

Just six days ago, contributor Allan J. Feifer posed the question “What’s Next for Wokeism?” His speculation? The “extermination of “costly citizens.”

If history is an indicator, communism doesn’t peak at “wrest[ing]” capital by “despotic inroads” but instead completely embodies Orwell’s famous line: “...imagine a boot stamping on the human face — forever.”

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