George Soros–funded DAs, AGs, and secretaries of state were chosen not for their intellectual firepower, but for their loyalty

George Soros has for decades sought to destroy America as founded.  Jewish by birth but a Nazi by choice, it is not hyperbolic to call him a devil incarnate. He is perhaps the most purely evil human who has used his vast wealth solely for malevolent purposes.  His antipathy for the United States is pathological, and he has spent his billions on countless projects to bring this nation to its knees.  

Like any and every Marxist, he advocates for chaos. The man is Faust’s Mephistopheles, Satan, and Lucifer all rolled into a one-man wicked wrecking ball that should have been stopped decades ago.  Now he has installed carefully chosen serfs for all the wrong reasons, numerous DAs, AGs, and Secretaries of State throughout the country to do his bidding – to effect Cloward and Piven!  DAs like Alvin Bragg got their orders from Soros’ headquarters with the $1.1m Soros funneled to install him in office.   Soros does not spend his money on smart people. He spends on people he can depend upon to do what he tells them to do:  Get Trump.  See Alan Dershowitz’s book.

Bragg, elected in 2021, has been a disaster for Manhattan.  He refuses to seek bail or sentences for violent criminals – armed robbery, drug dealing, violent attacks on innocent civilians, and burglary.  Nine of the prosecutors in the Manhattan office quit when he announced his pro-criminal agenda.  He was installed for one reason, one reason only, to facilitate crime and to take down Donald Trump.  I hope that, along with all the other Soros-installed DAs, he will go down in flames when his pro-criminal, anti-Americanism becomes clear.  How did he even pass the bar?  Has he even read the Constitution?  

Chesa Boudin, former DA in San Francisco, has been recalled; by San Franciscans!  Los Angeles DA George Gascon was effectively recalled, but the left’s expertise at cheating has kept him in office. Under Gascon, homicide rates have soared as has shoplifting by mobs of looters who are never arrested.   

Kim Foxx, DA in Chicago, is another of Soros’s tools, the one who dropped charges against Jussie Smollett!  On her watch, Chicago has endured the largest spike in murder in over thirty years.  Larry Krasner in Philadelphia, Kim Gardner in St. Louis; she has been caught lying about police officers who pulled her over, has admitted to campaign finance violations, and saw her city become the murder capital of the country.  There are so many more.  Crime in each of these cities has escalated catastrophically as if by Soros magic.  Soros is so proud.

The Democrat party, no longer remotely liberal but Marxist, does not care about anything but keeping Trump out of the White House so Soros’s meddling in our politics is just fine with them.  They have long embraced Soros’s money, for themselves and for however much of his illegal and unconstitutional election interference it takes to win.  They do not mind his putting morons in office as long as they do what they are told.  Indicting Trump?  Bragg is doing what he’s been told to do.

Unsurprisingly, Katie Hobbs, the illegitimate governor of Arizona, is a Soros slave. He got her elected as Arizona’s Secretary of State.  She apparently wants her state’s border with Mexico to remain open. She supports the sexual grooming of children in schools, CRT, etc.  She’s an enemy of her state.  Alvin Bragg is an enemy of his state and is so brazen he has now outed himself as an enemy of the law. He is a classic useful idiot.  He probably has no idea that he has opened Pandora’s Box and that he will likely be consumed by the illegitimacy of his folly.

Like every member of Biden’s cabinet, who was chosen for skin color or sexual orientation, none of Soros’s DAs were chosen for intellectual competence.  They were selected to do the radical left’s bidding, Soros’s bidding – promote crime, create chaos – destructive riots, violence, etc.  That is what Bragg’s indictment of Trump is meant to do as well.  

The left is hoping for violence that they can pin on Trump supporters but, if violence occurs, it will be, like J6, calculated by the left, incited by Antifa and/or FBI/CIA embeds, or paid for by Soros via many of his front organizations.  Those institutions have many years of experience with exactly that sort of exercise.  They learned their craft from the FBI, the CIA, and the DOJ.  Now some Americans know how corrupt each of those agencies is and, under Biden, they are likely to remain corrupt. 

Bragg’s indictment of Trump should be the most serious wake-up call for all Americans.  While it began under Obama, America is being transformed into a police state, one where people are being imprisoned for their dissent from the regime’s narrative.  We no longer enjoy freedom of speech or religion.  Ask any mildly conservative college student.  They cannot speak freely without being canceled, punished, or expelled.  

Our elections are not at all secure or fair.  The Biden administration is bogus, achieved by massive fraud.  And now they have indicted the former and potentially future President in yet another ruse to take him down and out. Chances are he will not go quietly into that good night.  He should have all of us at his back fighting the good fight.   

There was a time when we elected people of integrity and expertise in their chosen fields.  This is no longer the case.  Wokery -  CRT, DEI, ESG, LGB, transgenderism, etc.  – these nonsensical ideologies are killing us, destroying academia, and indoctrinating our young people.   The globalists want to erase national boundaries, erase national sovereignty.  They want to ban any and all religious faiths and make serfs of us all.  The WEF and China are fast on our heels.  They are winning with Biden’s willing capitulation.  

The Alvin Braggs are weapons in their war against the American people who want only to preserve the freedoms the Founders designed for us.

Photo credit: by Sebastian Derungs CC BY-SA 2.0 license

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