General Michael Flynn is finally suing for the wrongs against him

One of the most despicable things the Deep State did during the Trump era was its persecution of General Michael Flynn. Finally, though, Flynn is pushing back, having filed a claim for $50,000,000 against the United States of America for malicious prosecution and abuse of process.

What happened to Flynn, which was the first act in the Russia hoax, was an utter travesty. His phone calls were illegally unmasked, he was immorally inveigled without an attorney into a conversation with unprincipled FBI agents, his words during both the phone call and the FBI interview were twisted out of their obvious meaning so that the government prosecuted him relentlessly based upon nothing, his cowardly attorneys gave him harmful advice, and a biased, unprincipled judge did everything he could to keep the Justice Department from making things right by finally dismissing the lawsuit. What Flynn experienced was an American combination of Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables and Franz Kafka’s The Trial.

Image: Lt. General Michael Flynn. YouTube screen grab.

For a long time after the nightmare ended, and his case was finally dismissed, Flynn seemed to have gone to ground. Thankfully, though, it appears that he was gearing up for his $50,000,000 malicious prosecution case against the United States:

Flynn contends that the DOJ was aware the prosecution against him lacked merit and cites a DOJ motion from then-U.S. Attorney Timothy Shea saying “The Government is not persuaded that the January 24, 2017 interview was conducted with a legitimate investigative basis and therefore does not believe Mr. Flynn’s statements were material even if untrue. Moreover, we [sic] not believe that the Government can prove either the relevant false statements or their materiality beyond a reasonable doubt.”

“The DOJ therefore admitted that they should never have brought this prosecution against General Flynn because the interview that formed the basis of the criminal information should never have happened and, even though it did happen, it was not a proper basis for the felony charge,” his legal team asserted.

The filing names the United States of America as a defendant.

Flynn is seeking compensatory damages to be determined by the court but that he expects to exceed $50 million, in addition to his legal fees and any other court-determined relief.

You can see the complaint here. On the facts already known, it should be a slam dunk.

There’s only one thing that bugs me about the complaint: the actual malfeasors will walk away unscathed. As I noted above, when he wins—and he deserves to win—the taxpayers will be on the hook. None of the people who actually persecuted him—James Comey, the FBI agents, the DOJ attorneys, Judge Emmet Sullivan— will be affected, either professionally or economically. They will continue in whatever jobs they’re currently holding, people like Comey will continue to be leftist media darlings, and their bank accounts will not suffer.

That’s the problem right there with an out-of-control bureaucracy: There are no consequences for the individuals involved. They never get fired and, in the unlikely event that they do lose their jobs, they actually make more money in the leftist private sector. It’s always the citizens who suffer, never the actors.Just think of the utterly malevolent Peter Strzok and his documented role in the Russia hoax. As soon as Biden took over, he got his pension back, and every record showing that he was fired for cause was purged.

Even though, as a taxpayer, I’ll be on the hook for Flynn’s damages (an outcome that should be inevitable), I sincerely hope he wins. And I equally sincerely hope that the next Republican president, whether it’s Trump, DeSantis, Ramaswamy, or someone else, has the moral strength to impose his constitutional Article II power on the federal bureaucracy and bring its individual members to heel.

One more thing: when I went to YouTube to find a good image of Flynn for this post, I discovered that he’s the subject of a new leftist attack. This time, he’s being held up as a dangerous Christian warrior out to destroy America.

I honestly don’t know the details of what he’s been doing and saying of late, including whether it’s sane and sensible or as scary as the mainstream media insists it is. I just know that I enjoy seeing the mainstream media so terrified by his newfound power.

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