Cowardice is not an option in reacting to a possible Trump arrest

If the buzz in the news media is to be believed, it seems likely that President Trump could be indicted this week.  President Trump also seems to believe he faces arrest this week.

Following the gratuitous raid on Mar-a-Lago, this would be another draconian move by the Democrats to target their primary political opponent.

So how should citizens react if President Trump is indeed arrested?

What happens if citizens engage in protests by assembling peacefully and shouting slogans?

Democrat-sponsored rioters could infiltrate these peaceful demonstrations and engage in violence. 

The violence will be a convenient excuse for nationwide crackdowns.

They could fabricate a domestic terror threat to declare an emergency that gives them powers to trample over the civil liberties of citizens.

The Democrats know that the mainstream media will unconditionally justify their actions, while the politicized government will function like the Stasi police and enable their crackdowns on opponents.

Protesters could interminably be held in detention in subhuman conditions while they await trial.  They could also receive severe prison sentences, with crucial evidence that proves their innocence being withheld.

In the event of an arrest or detention or something worse, only you and your family suffer.  Perhaps savings will be drained out due to legal expenses.  Perhaps reputations and employability will be ruined due to the stigma of being a "right-wing extremist." 

Is it hence wise to remain indoors and let Trump's aides and lawyers defend him in court?

Will it ensure "safety"?

Let's dig deeper.

First, the Democrats can stage a riot even without a single real Trump-supporter.  All they have to do is get their thugs to wear MAGA hats with masks and engage in rioting.

If the Democrats are determined, they can target Trump-supporters, irrespective of what happens.

They could cite social media posts or attendance at a Trump rally or a Trump sticker on a vehicle or the consumption of "Alt-Right" news websites as an excuse to target dissenters.

They could brand citizens as domestic terrorists for opposing their mandates for masks or COVID-19 vaccines or violating lockdown laws or opposing Critical Race Theory being taught in schools.

They could target citizens for watching the movies which "studies" show inspire white supremacists.

The only way to ensure "safety" is to totally surrender to the Democrats and accept them as supreme leaders.

You will lose all freedoms.

You and your children will be forced to consume medicines or take vaccines mandated by the government, irrespective of how damaging they are.

The woke mob will decide what you can say, what you can read, what you can watch, what you can eat, and what vehicle you can drive.

You will be persecuted for violating groupthink.

Your actions and conversations will be monitored.

Your young child could be coerced into transgenderism, and you could be called bigoted for opposing it or even asking questions.

The government will decide if you have the right to affordable self-defense with firearms.

Elections will be held, but the Democrats will always win in landslides

Being critical of the government will be outlawed, and so will political opposition.

The choice is clear.

The choice is between short-term safety and long-term peril, or short-term peril and long-term safety.

Both choices have their risks, but the second could lead to a better and safer future for you and your family.

Since matters have gone haywire, we revisit the principles of representative democracy.

In a representative democracy, the citizen owns the state, and since all citizens cannot run the state simultaneously, they lend power to their representative, senator, governor, president, etc.  These representatives do not own power; they have been handed power on a temporary basis.

The representatives are like tenants living temporarily on your property. 

If a tenant attempts to seize control of your property, how do you react?  You defend your property.

As owners of the state, that is exactly what you must do.

But there needs to be a smart strategy after what happened on January 6.

Assembling and chanting slogans on streets is an open invite to Democrat thugs to infiltrate and destroy.

Hence, the resistance must be a collaborative effort with the empowered GOP officials of the state.

Citizens must communicate with their representatives in Congress, their state senators, their U.S. senators, their governors, etc., and register their protests in writing, irrespective of whether the representative is a Democrat or a Republican.

When demonstrations are indeed held, citizens must insist that their representatives join in.  The presence of elected representatives will ensure the presence of security personnel, which reduces the possibility of Democrat thugs infiltrating with ease.

Protesters can be issued small signs with the word "infiltrator" or "fed" to hold above any suspected Antifa infiltrator screaming racist slogans, attempting to set fires, fighting, or destroying property, for the consumption of the television cameras, which was an effective tactic employed by some Tea Party groups in the past.

Traffic and railway track obstruction is a common tactic used during public protests and demonstrations in, for example, India.  Perhaps that can be adopted, once again with elected representatives part of the demonstration.

Perhaps truckers can join in and block roads, as they did in Canada to protest the vaccine mandates.

The GOP must set up a legal fund for the defense of protesters in case of arrest or detention.

What about reprisals?

The Department of Justice states that at least 1,000 people so far have been arrested on charges related to the protests at the U.S. Capitol.  In all, there were 2,000 protesters present on January 6.

If, however, there are millions of peaceful protesters, there will come a point where the government will have to bend to the will of the people.

There are other ways of democratic protest.

Each and every Republican official on the federal, state, city, or local level must report to the office but refuse to work in an act of non-cooperation.

A sort of government shutdown will be a strong statement.

Perhaps government officials can report to their offices with a sign to demonstrate their protest.

Investigations into Democrat wrongdoing in the past must be the sole focus of GOP lawmakers in D.C.

Boycotts can also be an effective method of protest, but the effects may be seen in the long term.

Perhaps the cancelation of a Netflix or Hollywood movies or other optional services that push the Democrat agenda will send a message.  In the end, nothing focuses the mind better than financial losses.

Since Twitter is the only social media tool that is relatively free from the tyranny of the left, it must be used to register protests.

Words are very important at this stage.

The trend or the slogan must not be about the GOP or MAGA or even Trump.  The focus must be on the bigger picture.  The protests are not for an individual or a party, but for the soul of the nation and the maintenance of democratic values.

A slogan like Save America or Save Democracy or Defend Democracy could be very useful.

This will be an important litmus test for Republicans.

It's not about loyalty to Trump, but about commitment to democracy.

While citizens could be forgiven for choosing safety over valor, there are no excuses for powerful elected officials.

Republicans leaders who chose to remain neutral or silent in this situation will reveal themselves to be siding with tyranny.  These individuals must be shunned.

In perilous times, there is no greater sin than inaction.

Image: Twitter screen shot from 2020.

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