Canned Disinformation Governance Board's Nina Jankowicz now wants to stick it to Fox News

Remember Nina Jankowicz?

That would be the now flamed-out Biden administration appointee who was to lead Joe Biden's "Disinformation Governance Board," the agency hatched by the Bidenites to police Americans' speech in the name of "protecting" Americans from "disinformation."  That was until Congress got wind of it and the public found out and the Homeland Security's Advisory Board scrapped it last August. 

Jankowicz was out of a job then, but she seemed to have landed on her feet, re-emerging as a registered foreign agent working for some British public relations firm seeking to exert some kind of influence on the American government. 

Apparently, that didn't pan out, or perhaps she couldn't stop stewing about losing that six-figure government job that made her feel so important.

So now she's out raising money through GoFundMe campaign to sue Fox News, claiming they lied about her.

I'm asking for your financial support of a lawsuit that I want to bring against Fox News for their malicious, reckless lies about me.

On March 2, 2022, I realized a lifelong dream: entering public service. I had spent my career researching disinformation and would be using my expertise to make the United States safer and American democracy more robust. At the Department of Homeland Security, I would lead a new internal body to help address the challenges of disinformation: the Disinformation Governance Board. My job was to make sure different entities within DHS were coordinated, to bring the latest research to bear in the Department, and to help the Department set up policies to ensure its existing counter-disinformation work was grounded in American values: privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties. That’s all the Board was. It had neither the ability nor authority to act on its own.

In late April, my position was announced, and within hours, baseless claims that the Board was a nationwide, Orwellian “Ministry of Truth” and I was “President Biden’s chief censor” were trending on social media, even though the Board had nothing to do with arbitrating or restricting speech. The next day, Fox News launched its overly personalized, false, and incendiary coverage of me, mainstreaming online conspiracy theories to tens of millions of Americans. The network made over 500 scaremongering statements about my role, my views, and my personal life over the next nine months — an entirely disproportionate disinformation and smear campaign against a person who simply took a job to serve her country within her area of expertise.

This is laughable.  Jankowicz would have you think that all she wanted to do was selflessly "serve" in a position that was all about exerting power in the crummiest manifestation of it imaginable, effectively censoring Americans who didn't toe the government line, like those little gray East German secret policemen in The Lives of Others.

Jankowicz, a TikTok enthusiast who got her name out there with this video, pretty well let us all know what she was about:

She was all about "informing" us about the national security threat of MAGA...from her China-controlled TikTok account.

In fact, she had a bad record of spreading disinformation — about Trump-Russia collusion, about the Hunter Biden laptop, about the Steele dossier, about the 50 intelligence officials, about the COVID lab leak origins, in each case claiming that what was true was false, and she was the master fact-checker on such matters.  Well, she botched it, wrong every time, and what she spread was actual disinformation, which made her an odd choice to run a "Disinformation Governance Board."

Worse still, her claims to have only been running a clearing house for disinformation, not acting as a de facto censor, are belied by whom she was "partnering" with while she was with that board.

According to Jennifer Oliver O'Connell at RedState:

In November 2022, my colleague streiff reported on an investigation conducted by Senators Chuck Grassley and Josh Hawley, which revealed that this same Disinformation Governance Board that DHS claimed had not even been launched yet, was actually up and running as early as February with a “steering group” holding weekly meetings to set policy and strategy. Jankowicz and her team were already partnering with Big Tech with a meeting with Facebook being scheduled, and they created a portal to share information with foreign governments. Omidyar Network, a prominent Democrat dark money group, was also coordinating with them on policy on how to censor speech. ...

But do go on about how you had no real power to enforce anything when you were already coordinating with those who could.

It's probably noteworthy that she was earlier affiliated with the National Democratic Institute, supposedly spreading democracy or something, right about when that agency's parent, the National Endowment for Democracy, was partnering with the U.K.-based "Global Disinformation Index," which was all about advising corporations, through their advertising agencies, to defund conservative media sites as disinformation, or else "offensive."  That appalling foreign censorship group was handed $300,000 by the State Department, of which the NED and the National Democratic Institute are subsidiaries.  Given Jankowicz's U.K. ties (notice how her new firm, the Centre for Information Resilience, and the Global Disinformation Index share space for job listings on this E.U.-based site), I wouldn't be surprised if she herself had something to do with the establishment of that unholy alliance.

What's vivid about this lawsuit against Fox is that she still has that censorship bug in her.  If she can't shut down Fox through the federal government, she will try to do it through the courts.

Her censorship orientation, combined with her lack of self-awareness, reminds me of this famous description of a Nicaraguan Sandinista censor by the great Ronald Reagan:

The Sandinistas' real face is not hard to find. A few years ago, the chief of censorship at the Interior Ministry explained the censoring of La Prensa with a comment that would have made George Orwell blush. She said, and I quote: "They accused us of suppressing freedom of expression. This was a lie, and we could not let them publish it.''

So now for Jankowicz, it's anything to shut down Fox, a conservative media site that was critical of her.  Rabid left-wing Democrat groups, such as Media Matters, has had Fox as its white whale for years, too, their inner censors burning away for it.  Now Jankowicz has joined the crowd, unable to suppress her urge to censor, somehow, unable to just ignore the news she doesn't like the way normal people do.  She's seeking to crowdfund money to sue Fox because they hurt her feelings, and she wasn't very convincing at explaining herself on a self-propelled public platform, in public life, in  public service, to counter it.  She's now a thin-skinned victim.

Her so-called expertise is garbage, her record is bad, and her associates are worse.

Now she wants money to sue Fox, convinced she's got a winner of a cause on the rabid left.

Once again, it appears she was misinformed.  She's raised only $10,000 of her $100,000 goal, from small donors of the type who likely watch MSNBC.  She has one fat cat who donated $1,000 — his name matches that of an acupuncturist in Takoma Park, Maryland — and a $500 donation from a musical theatre enthusiast in the Washington, D.C. area, both of whom could easily be people she already knows.  The rest of her donors gave much smaller amounts.  Something tells me this isn't going to make its $100,000 goal even if she could win the case in court, which she likely can't.  Instead of making more TikTok videos to give her point of view, she burns to punish her critics.  Something tells me that after all these months on the hot seat, she doesn't really understand the First Amendment.

It doesn't get more pathetic than that.

Image: Screen shot from Assorted Video Channel via YouTube.

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