Canadian lawmaker’s recognition of the little guy taken as a direct threat by the pseudo-aristocrats of the left

The haters of President Donald Trump largely fall into two camps, because each group appears to revile him for very different reasons.

The first group, the everyday leftist, detests the America First president because at best, they’re nascent and undisciplined thinkers (and are therefore easily programmed) — they hold political views based solely on emotion and are ripe for propagandistic exploitation. When the television people say Orange Man Bad… Orange Man is bad.

The second group, the self-styled “elites” or political aristocracy, hate the President because he resonates with the people, that unpleasant crowd that often forgets their role as the tax slave — especially when he speaks about a more free and more just America. The people are a continuous thorn in the side of the D.C. nobility; it’s a catch-22 though.

Strangely, this exact scenario appears to transcend national borders, albeit with different players. Canada’s National Observer just ran the following headline: “Pierre Poilievre’s know-nothing populism is a dangerous delusion”.

When I saw that, I couldn’t help but wonder what this “Pierre Poilievre” (a man of whom I’ve never heard) did to warrant such an arrogant condemnation….

Max Fawcett, the author of the essay writes:

Pierre Poilievre’s disdain for experts may delight his supporters, but it should worry just about everyone else[.]

Take his most recent attempt to portray experts as some sort of enemy of the people, a view he deliberately highlighted in a tweet over the weekend.

This is a pretty obvious nod at the more conspiratorial elements in his coalition, who would love nothing more than to re-litigate the science around the COVID-19 pandemic and commiserate about the evils of the World Economic Forum.

The tweet in question can be found below:

“If you want to see greatness, don’t look up, look around you.”

What in tarnation is wrong with that? Sounds to me like a morale boost for the very people funding those hefty new pay raises set to take effect next month for Trudeau and all the members of parliament. How dare Poilievre!

The middle class — the mechanics and farmers and electricians to whom Poilievre refers — are the very people who make the world function (literally). Leftist politicians though? Not only do they fail to contribute anything meaningful for the people they are hired to represent, they actually hamper any political progress. Contrary to what these political “experts” believe, euthanasia, eugenics, and “inclusivity” which sees an “auto-cannibal” infant-raping, toddler-murdering man housed in women’s prison alongside their children is not “progress” — rather it’s the opposite.

But Poilievre must have really hit a nerve with Fawcett, who also writes:

But as the leader of the official Opposition and the person most likely to become Canada’s next prime minister, his [Poilievre] disdain for experts — and let’s be clear: he means the highly educated ones — is a problem.

Obviously, Fawcett doesn’t mean highly educated conservatives; he simply means leftists who fancy themselves an intellectual elite — the Faucis and the Klaus Schwabs.

Poilievre didn’t say anything groundbreaking, in fact it was almost mundane. We, the ordinary people not part of the 1%, already know almost all of our “leaders” are either actively working against us, or downright pathetic.

One little tweet about how the “experts” aren’t even half-decent at knowing what they should know (Flip Flop Fauci just reversed the mask “science” again, and also said he always “kept an open mind” regarding the lab leak theory), and an implied suggestion that an individual is smart enough to make informed decisions on their own, and Max Fawcett has a crisis of confidence. Insecure much?

Image: Wikipageedittor099, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons, unaltered.

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