Biden calls for tax hikes to pay for more illegal alien 'processing'

How this for a stinker of a deal for American taxpayers?

Joe Biden is proposing to hike taxes on Americans in his $6.8 trillion budget plan to pay for more free services to "help" foreigners who have crossed illegally into the U.S..

According to Breitbart News's Neil Munro:

Biden’s budget asks for money to hire 500 extra border guards who catch migrants — and money to hire 460 more people to release the migrants so they can travel to jobs and housing.

The Democrats’ budget asks for a $4.7 billion “contingency fund” to operate the existing network of non-profit groups, shelters, training courses, travel routes, and healthcare checks which get low-wage migrants into the jobs that would otherwise go to better-paid Americans.

The budget requests extra money to convert illegal migrants into legal residents — but asks for less money to comply with the legal requirement of detaining illegal migrants before they reach U.S. jobs.

Biden’s budget also asks for $4 billion for the Department of State so it can keep funding the foreign groups that help migrants travel from around the world into Latin America and then up to the border.

The 960 new personnel would solely consist of Border Patrol agents to catch illegal border crossers, not to send them back but to hand them over to additional Homeland Security personnel to "process" on an industrial conveyor-belt scale, sending them on to their destinations of choice throughout the U.S., work permits in hand, supposedly to await their asylum hearings, since all asylum claims are treated as equally serious and exceptional. Private-sector enablers in the NGOs would also get a big chunk of the booty, a $4.7 billion sweetender -- to keep the conveyor belt moving, coaching illegal aliens on what to tell the immigration judge, offering free (for illegal aliens) legal help, and alerting the same illegals to "free" state services they can mine courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer, effectively completing the journey for them so that they can continue to pay their debts to the Mexican cartels or work in sweatshops as child labor.

That kind of service costs money and Joe's proposing to raise taxes to "pay for" it.

Never mind about what Americans get.

What's not there in that Biden budget is money for a wall to keep the illegal border crossers out, or money for detention facilities for illegal crossers that immigration law requires. There also are no taxes on remittances to "pay for" some of these free "services."

In short, that's catch-and-release, which a federal judge struck down in Florida, but based on this proposed Biden budget, signals that Joe doesn't plan to heed it.

In other words, Biden intends to intensify the immigration surge brought on by his open border policy through his monster budget, which is all about hiking taxes. Issues & Insights has an excellent editorial describing just how bad it is. Biden's claims that his tax hikes will help cut the deficit are pure baloney.

And yes, while Biden claims that his proposal for $5.5 trillion in new taxes will "only" tax those making more than $400,000 year, (a well he's already gone to several times in his two-year presidency), the facts show that Biden's tax hikes hit Americans across the board, including those making less than $20,000 a year. Where's his tax on remittances, given that U.S. workers making the low salaries will be asked to pay more, but illegal immigrants, who remit money home to buttress the governments they supposedly fled in terror from, will not?

All that, for a plethora of pork programs and a Santa sack full of goodies for his favored cronies, which include not just teachers' unions, greenie billionaires, or campaign contributors, but the entire migrant-industrial complex conveyor belt, which has Mexico's cartels at its apex and Joe Biden's open border as its vehicle. Ted Cruz remarked yesterday that the cartels got a pay raise from Joe Biden's open border, and he was right on the money. 

His budget plan is nothing more than a new pay raise on top of that for them -- and millions more illegal border crossers into the country, the institutionalization of the open border and the bankrolling of the huge conveyor belt that brings the illegals in.

Presumably, the House will never go for this tax-and-spend festival that does so much to institutionalize illegal immigration in this country, but one never knows. What should be known is that Joe wants to raise your taxes -- to bring more illegals in.

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