Beyond amusing Twitter thread proves exactly why we need conservatives running elections and programs like ‘school vouchers’

Con·stit·u·ent (noun)

1. A voting member of a community who is represented politically by a designated government official.

On Monday, Justine Wadsack, a freshman State Senator and member of the Arizona legislature’s Freedom Caucus tweeted out following:

It was enough to send a legion of keyboard warriors into a real frenzy, and from the comments emerged (again) two very distinct and rather amusing political truths:

  1. Under no circumstances, can leftists be trusted anywhere near the management or control of elections.

  2. Legislation that provides the citizenry with school “vouchers” is an absolute must, and nothing short of the total dismantlement of the federal department of education will suffice.

The first item to address is that the average Democrat has absolutely no business being involved in anything that has to do with the running or reforming of the election process, without the strictest supervision of conservatives. At best, these individuals are well-intentioned — albeit severely lacking in political literacy — but as the saying goes, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

It all began with Twitter user “Kristi Sue Who”, henceforth KSW a gun control activist with the group Moms Demand Action. As you can see in the embedded tweet above, Senator Wadsack noted that she does not meet with far-left activists; instead, she dedicates her time to meeting with constituents of the district of which she is an elected representative. See a brief exchange between Senator Wadsack and KSW below:

At first, the activist tries to guilt Wadsack into a meeting; when that fails, as KSW is not actually a constituent of the legislative district, she replies with:

If living 6 months a year in your district doesn’t qualify me for representation in your mind, whatever.

And mercy me, the concept of a “constituent” turned out to be quite the insurmountable hurdle not only for KSW but also for the fledglings in the comments….

Take a look at some of the screenshots I captured yesterday, and see if you noticed what I noticed:

Just because you live in different places throughout the year — southern Arizona, like Florida, is a “snowbird” locale  — doesn’t mean that’s your primary legal residence. Why is that confusing? You only have one vote…at least in theory.

Well, that concept escapes Democrats, because they all kept referring to KSW as a “constituent” despite the apparent fact she is an Ohio constituent who lives part-time in Tucson. KSW didn’t refute Wadsack’s claims that she was in fact not a legal voter in the district, but still thinks she deserves “representation”. From that I can only infer one of two things: either KSW lacks the most basic understanding of civics, actually believing you can have a political say in as many communities across the country as you want; or, she’s just an Machiavellian activist, ethics and integrity be darned, doing whatever it takes to get her way. But, KSW is not an outlier, because as you can see above, there are numerous people in the comments also suggesting that the activist is a Tucson constituent.

How can these people actually wonder why conservatives express serious concern over the handling of elections? Uneducated and/or scheming leftists can only stand to sully an honest election process.

Secondly, and this was perhaps the most amusing part of the thread because it was too perfect:

If you missed it, the real irony comes from Ms. Menard’s Twitter picture: “I love public schools” — the jokes really do write themselves. Here’s a little context: Arizona has a law that allows any parent to redirect the funds spent on their child’s public school education to a private school of their choice. With the installation of Katie Hobbs in the governor’s office, and the Blue cancer slowly metastasizing, the school “voucher” program is, and is shaping up to be a massive battle.

I can only assume the “your” and “you’re” mix-up resulted from actually trying to get the two right; because Ms. Menard got the parts of speech exactly backwards. Menard’s Twitter bio reads, “Political Junkie, Education Activist and Community Organizer” and she’s the poster child for public school: doesn’t know the fundamentals, appears to be an Alinskyite, and is indoctrinated into the cult of leftism. She single handedly makes the case for exactly why we have programs like school vouchers and school choice.

Here’s a kinda crazy idea: maybe we bring back the Democrats’ own standard of eligibility, their notorious literacy tests used to oppress the Black vote, to determine if Democrats are in fact capable of making informed political decisions? I have a sneaking suspicion not many would pass given “your” and “you’re” and the definition of “constituent” is such a stumbling block.

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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