Benedict Arnold, Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, and Alejandro Mayorkas — liars and traitors all

We can only wonder at the question:  do the last two generations know who Benedict Arnold was?  Most likely not; they’ve not been taught legitimate American history for decades.   To the young of today, Arnold might be a hero for betraying his country. 

Polls show our young people do not respect or even like this country.  Arnold, who had been a good soldier, was angry at being passed over for promotion and so began colluding with the British.  He was an 18th century.  Mark Felt.  His name is (or was) interchangeable with the word “traitor.”

Bill Clinton was generally known as a brazen liar about the Lewinsky affair and all that it entailed; a tawdry, unseemly affair that he lied about incessantly until he couldn’t.  He paid Paula Jones a court-ordered $800k but was never prosecuted for his loathsome behavior and gross dishonesty.  

His wife is equally and personally devious and corrupt; she had the fake “dossier” concocted she was certain would take Trump out of the running for president in 2016.  Hillary used her position as Secretary of State to rake in millions of dollars to her phony Clinton Foundation, much of that money from other nations that sought to benefit from her largesse when President.  

That couple’s corruption was and is a blight on America’s history.  They made LBJ seem like an amateur.  The Clintons were criminals and they delighted in their criminality; they knew they were untouchable.  They were a greedy couple, and their illicit machinations made them fabulously rich.  

The Obamas learned their lessons well and also became fabulously rich by perfidious means.   It’s likely that Biden has based his corruption on the Clinton model.

Joe Biden has been a pathological liar for all his years in Congress, as a representative and then as a senator.  He can’t open his mouth without lies spewing forth; there are far too many to list.  From his early support of segregation to his later denial; his plagiarism, his lies about his academic record, etc., etc.  

In truth, Biden has always been a racist, a rather vicious one at that.  See his attempt to humiliate Clarence Thomas at his SCOTUS confirmation.  The man is one of the most greedy, corrupt politicians ever to steal the presidency, which he did, and to end up in the Oval Office.  

He is entirely without “knowledge” now; he is obviously in the throes of dementia.  How else to explain his shocking inappropriate jollity when he was sent to a podium to speak about the Nashville murders of six people, three of them aged nine?  

Biden has always been a liar; he became a traitor when he began using his position, his son, and brother to sell influence to China, Russia and Ukraine for millions of dollars.  Given the damage he’s done to the country in two years, it is safe to assume he is a controlled asset of China. They own him, which is why he has allowed the destruction of the dollar as the global currency.  

Every American surely knows by now that the Democrat party is pro-criminal, anti-dissent. In blue states across the nation, criminals are routinely allowed onto the streets without bail to commit more crime.  Innocent people are being attacked with impunity on a daily basis in DC, in NYChicagoSF, and LA, etc.  

If the perpetrators are caught, they are often released onto an unsuspecting public by Soros-funded DAs to repeat and escalate their criminal behavior.  Our Marxist left relies on chaos, on the calculated destruction of the family, on the thorough indoctrination of our children.   

How do they go about this decades-old plan?  They advocate for the normalization of homosexuality, transgenderism and the genital mutilation that comes with that particular form of mental illness.  The pro-trans activists encourage doctors to remove the breasts of girls as young as thirteen, even hysterectomies.  

Who are the doctors that perform these procedures?  They are purely evil, traitors to the Hippocratic Oath they may have sworn to uphold.  The lies that undergird the ideology of transgenderism are not only appalling but provable. There are only two sexes.  It is tragic that there is a Supreme Court justice that does not know what every three-year-old knows.  

The appearance of Alejandro Mayorkas before the Senate on Tuesday was the height of prevarication.  The man did not answer a single question.   He stonewalled, dissembled and flat-out lied.  He claimed not to know how many migrants have died on their journey to our southern border.  He did not know how many children have been trafficked.  

When Senator Cruz showed him pictures of the wrist bands that all migrants wear as ordered by the cartels, Mayorkas pretended not to know what they were.  The bands indicate how much money each migrant owes the cartels for getting them across the border.  There is no way Mayorkas does not know what they are, what they mean; the children especially will be slaves to the cartels.  This man is truly abhorrent, another enemy of America in a position of undeserved power.  

That the Republicans in congress have not impeached him is a testament to their culpability, their slavish cowardice. But they’ve also done nothing about the unconstitutional abuse of the J6 prisoners, so what more can we expect?  The uniparty is the uniparty.  The few who do remember and revere the Constitution are too few and their meek colleagues offer no support.  They too, like the doctors who mutilate kids confused about their gender, have forgotten their oath.  They too are liars and traitors.  

In short, we are being governed by a host of Benedict Arnolds, liars and traitors who have done far less for the nation than even Benedict Arnold did.  The Biden cabinet is an assemblage of incompetents, people chosen for their skin color or sexual orientation, not any particular skill or expertise.  Consider Defense Department boneheads, Austin and Milley.  Apparently there are drag queen performances for children on our military bases around the world!  They each claimed not to know this!  How is that possible?  

Unless all Republicans step up to the plate to save the nation, we are well and truly done; over.

A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within.  An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly.  But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rutling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.   Marcus Tullius Cicero

Graphic credit: public domain

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