As grip slips on J6 narrative, Democrats reintroduce ‘COVID-19 Victims Memorial Day’

The entirely uneventful (yet ironically explosive) tapes of January 6 aired by Tucker Carlson are dominating the other-than-establishment media’s real estate, and for good reason too: the footage utterly demolishes the false narrative to which the Democrats and their bureaucratic ideologues have frantically clung.

Naturally, the regime needs a distraction, but the propagandists in the media have long since blown their cover as leftist operatives; they lack the influence they once had.

It’s time for a Hail Mary, and apparently Massachusetts Democrats drew the short straw. Fauxcahontas and Ed Markey, both senators from the Old Bay state, just reintroduced a resolution in Congress to establish the first Monday of March as “COVID-19 Victims Memorial Day”.

Yes, even though there has been an unsettling and “unexplained” rise in “sudden deaths” after the government and its agents campaigned for widespread “vaccinations,” and even though there is a growing acceptance that the novel virus may in fact have originated from the Wuhan Institute of Virology (thanks to American taxpayers), Democrats feel their time is best spent by politicking for a day of remembrance.

The official document is full of irony (undoubtedly unintentional). In total seriousness, Warren and Markey lament the “catastrophic impact” on “human life” and the “economy of the United States” and of course, sprinkle in some White guilt virtue-signaling. From the resolution:

Whereas, in late 2019, COVID–19 emerged and began to spread throughout the world, creating a pandemic that has had a catastrophic impact on human life, communities, and the economy of the United States;

Whereas, in March 2020, communities in the United States began to experience increased death due to the COVID– 19 pandemic, and families lost parents, siblings, children, friends, and neighbors to the virus;

Whereas the COVID–19 pandemic has had a disproportionate impact on low-income communities and communities of color….

First of all, we’ve been through this: deficit spending and tyrannical closures destroyed the economy, not a non-sentient virus. Secondly, a “catastrophic impact on human life”? The loss of “siblings” and “children”? What in the world do these idiots think the fallout of abortion is?! The “disproportionate impact on…communities of color”? Is that kind of like the disproportionate number of Black children killed by the only (reproductive) “freedom” that Democrats can actually stomach?

Congress was once a body of revered statesmen — today, it’s a collection of wicked oddities and dim-witted carnies — and modern political theater is just a budget melodrama.

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