A Trump arrest will just underline the Deep State's crackdown on freedom

From Just the News, March 18:

Former U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton said Saturday on CNN that if prosecutors indict President Trump but fail to convict him, he could get back in the White House. 

"Having very much in mind the one rule of law for everybody, if they indict and fail to convict in New York, I think historians will look back and say that this is the act that re-elected Donald Trump president," Bolton said.

Perhaps the usually anti-Trump Bolton misspoke.  Perhaps he intended to say former president Trump will be elected to a second term if he campaigns from a New York prison cell, provided, of course, he does not strangle himself with his bed sheet first. 

Does anyone really believe a carefully selected New York County (Manhattan) Supreme Court jury would acquit Donald J. Trump of any alleged criminal offense?  The result of a New York County criminal trial of Mr. Trump is as predictable as a result of a Trump rump trial in Washington, D.C.

How can the Democrat political machine in Manhattan not get a Trump conviction, given that Biden got nearly 87% of the Manhattan vote on November 3, 2020?  And President Trump got less than 13% of the Manhattan vote in 2020.  (Please see the presidential vote totals for New York County (Manhattan) in this Wikipedia link.)

What does this forthcoming indictment signal if not the establishment's intent on rigging the 2024 presidential election by means of a phony-baloney political indictment?

Consider the reaction of Prof. Alan Dershowitz to a Trump indictment based on the Stormy Daniels matter, long ago buried, but now revived by Manhattan D.A. Bragg.  This is "targeted injustice" according to Dershowitz.

Note that only John Solomon's Just the News website carried Prof. Dershowitz's response.  Generally, the media — as usual — are compliant with a Deep State move against the former president.  What better indication of how utterly unjust the justice system in deep red country when it comes to matters concerning Mr.Trump?

Mr. Trump predicts he will be placed under arrest Tuesday, March 21, and calls on supporters to protest.  Look for "Jan. 6" to be replaced by "Mar. 21" as the date of MAGA "insurrection" by the totalitarian forces in the country.

Perhaps what John Bolton really meant to tell CNN about a Trump indictment is that if the totalitarians prevail in making a political prisoner of Donald J. Trump, then, quite obviously, we are no longer a land of liberty.

Coda: Quite soon after I submitted this draft, the Washington Times reported that House speaker Kevin McCarthy denounced a forthcoming Trump indictment as interfering with the 2024 presidential election.  He also criticized Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg for "an outrageous abuse of power."  Good for Mr. McCarthy.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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