A reminder from a past Susan Rice column of Democrats' vicious COVID lies

It is more than serendipity, I believe, that I happened upon a Susan E. Rice column, nearly three years old, that I spied in a closet that I hadn't opened for years till this time of truth about the source of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This particular Rice column appeared in The New York Times (print edition, April 8, 2020, p. A25) and highlighted this accusation, where it had this title "Trump's Hobbesian Jungle":

"People will die because of the perfidy of our 'wartime president.'"

This Rice column was filled with mendacious accusations.  But the truth has finally emerged that the source of the COVID-19 pandemic was the leak at the Wuhan lab, the truth of which was denied by propagandists like Susan E. Rice for invidious political ends, as her April 2020 Times column makes abundantly clear.

First the lying cover-up:

[T]he administration has paralyzed the United Nations and Group of 7 with its shameful insistence on branding the coronavirus 'the Wuhan virus,' abdicated leadership internationally and largely ignored the world's poorest nations in their fight against the pandemic.

Then there is the viciously baseless attack on President Trump, with a paragraph beginning, "Many thousands more Americans will die unnecessarily because of the incompetence and perfidy of our 'wartime president.'"

Finally, there is the call to voters to deny re-election to President Trump, based on the left's proclivity for false coverage about him: "Until America changes command, we are condemned to fight with the leader we have."

The anti-Trump cabal succeeded in deceiving the country into changing command, and now, indeed, "'we are condemned to [endure, until January 20, 2025,] the leader we have.'"

I would also call attention to the lead story in the print edition of The New York Times, April 8, 2020:


Who is pictured in this propaganda piece?  Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot, who was quoted: "This is a call to action moment for all of us."  Mayor Lightfoot is, now, the first Chicago mayor not to be re-elected to the post since 1989.  She reportedly blames her loss, February 28, on racism and sexism.

Perhaps the days of political success on the basis of lying propaganda are dwindling, thankfully, to a longed-for few.

Image: Adam Jones via Flickr (cropped).

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