A Minnesota judge has issued an order that will destroy women’s powerlifting

One of the most disgusting things about so-called “transgender women” is their insistence that they should be able to have their cake and eat it too. It should be enough that these disturbed men get people to go along with the pretense that they are women. However, in today’s environment, that’s never enough. In addition, they must destroy actual women. And thanks to a Minnesota judge, USA Powerlifting, a national powerlifting organization, will soon be forced to enact policies that will effectively erase women’s accomplishments.

JayCee Cooper is a biological man who enjoys weightlifting and, in a small, petty way typical for these fake women, he really enjoys winning championships against actual women. For an analogy, think of a high school athlete who parades around with unseemly pride after having won an arm-wrestling contest against a six-year-year-old. Under those circumstances, everyone recognizes that the high schooler is either mentally ill or a grotesque git…or maybe both. The same is true for a biological man who thrills to defeating a woman in a physical competition.

Image: JayCee Cooper's legs (because I don’t have the time to scroll through endless videos to find one with the courage to show what his full body as a “woman” looks like, which is what I wanted for my screen grab).

In any event, Cooper wasn’t satisfied with demanding that people call him a woman. Instead, in 2019, he worked with Gender Justice, a hard-left Minnesota “rights organization,” to force USA Powerlifting to let him “compete” against women. After filing a complaint with the Minnesota Department of Human Rights, he got the go-ahead to sue USA PowerLifting. Last week, he finally won:

JayCee Cooper, a transgender athlete, won a discrimination case against USA Powerlifting this week after the federation banned [him] from competing in female events.

With Cooper’s victory comes a mandate the federation “cease and desist from all unfair discriminatory practices” because of sexual orientation and gender identity.

The organization must revise its policy related to those issues within two weeks, meaning trans athletes will be able to compete in the women’s category after previously being banned.

(Someone in Fox’s News Department got confused and called Cooper, a husky biological man, “her.” I corrected that for Fox.)

Cooper did the usual “I won in a courtroom with a leftist judge“ crowing:

“Trans athletes across the country deserve the same rights and protections as everyone else, and we deserve equitable opportunities to compete in the sports we love,” Cooper said. “I jumped through every hoop, cleared every hurdle to be able to compete with USA Powerlifting, but was met with a retroactive ban on trans athletes.”

Yes, Cooper, when it comes to rights, you deserve the same rights and protections as any biological male, just as the women in powerlifting deserve the rights and protections of any biological female—one of which is not having their accomplishments stripped away by a man who clearly despises women and enjoys lording over them his greater physical strength.

To give you an idea of where Cooper sees himself, let me tell you the story of a man with the risible name of Tiffany…Tiffany Newell, to be specific. Newell likes to compete against women in long-distance running, where he’s “set” numerous records in the women’s category. Again, understand that this is the equivalent of that high schooler prancing around on the first-grade playground:

A record-setting trans athlete who won a female 1,500m race in Canada this week has announced [he] will ‘step away’ from competitive running after a backlash to the victory.

Tiffany Newell, 50, insisted it was fair for [him] to compete against biological women but said [he] will retire indefinitely because of the controversy.

[He] also likened efforts to ban trans women from female events to blocking people because of their race.

Newell, who transitioned in 2017 [in his 40s after decades of male muscle development], placed first in the W50 1,500m, which is open to women aged 50 to 54, at the Canadian Masters Indoor Championships in Toronto last weekend. Last year, [he] set a new Canadian record in the 5,000m in the women’s 45-49 age category with a time of 18:02:30.

(I corrected the Daily Mail’s pronoun errors.)

These pathetic, loser men, with their endless whining about “fairness,” have set women’s rights back by decades, even centuries. They are the essence of postmodernism, creating a world in which facts and truth are meaningless.

As you contemplate this preposterous and revolting “brave” new world, remember that Justice Neil Gorsuch is responsible for where we’re heading. It was he who wrote the decision holding that it must be understood that, in 1964, when Congress passed the Civil Rights Act, it intended to include “gender identity” under the category of “sex,” a conclusion that is complete and errant nonsense. That one act on Gorsuch’s part is the greatest reminder possible that our Article III judiciary is wildly out of control.

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