A lot of major Democrat donors have a couple things in common

Besides being major contributors to Democrats over the years, what else do the following people have in common?

  • Alex Murdaugh
  • Bernie Madoff
  • George Soros
  • Jeffrey Epstein
  • Samuel Bankman Fried
  • Mark Zuckerberg
  • Marc Rich

They were all involved with serious crimes.

Besides committing murder, Murdaugh was a serial thief.  Why haven't the media demanded that Hillary, Biden, and others send back their contributions in order to help pay the victims?

Alex Murdaugh's Political Contributions Include Maximum Donations to Joe Biden,
Hillary Clinton

Bernie Madoff was a career criminal who stole billions, and some of that money went to politicians who were mostly Democrats.  I don't believe that the politicians gave the money to a victims' fund.

Madoff and Company Spent Nearly $1 Million on Washington Influence

Madoff made a fortune, and he played politics with some of that money. In total, he and his wife, Ruth, have given $238,200 to federal candidates, parties and committees since 1991, with Democrats getting 88 percent of that. Overall, Madoff and other individuals at his company, Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities, gave $372,100 in campaign contributions since 1991, with 89 percent to Democrats.

George Soros was convicted of a felony in France and served no time.  He spends massive amounts of money on radical leftist causes to remake and destroy America, including supporting radical soft-on-crime prosecutors.

If you look Soros up on the internet, he is described as a businessman and philanthropist instead of a radical leftist felon.  There is nothing philanthropic about seeking to destroy America, including by destroying cities with prosecutors who let dangerous career criminals roam the streets.

Soros Is Found Guilty in France On Charges of Insider Trading

Jeffrey Epstein was convicted of abusing and using young girls.  In a world with journalists, Hollywood, and Democrats who care, they would be looking hard for other culprits who enjoyed Epstein's activities, but there seems to be little interest in learning the names and activities of powerful men.  They have as much interest as they did in all the women the Clintons physically and mentally abused.

The Me Too movement was fake.

Billionaire sex offender Epstein gave heavily to Democrats, until he didn't

Jimmy Kimmel even made fun of Aaron Rodgers for wanting to know whom Jeff Epstein associated with.  That shows how little Kimmel cares about abused women and their accusers.

Besides stealing billions, Sam Bankman-Fried made tens of millions in illegal campaign contributions.  Why hasn't that money been paid into a victims' fund?

Bankman-Fried charged with hundreds of illegal campaign donations

The FTX co-founder is accused of "flooding the political system with tens of millions of dollars in illegal contributions," according to a new indictment.

In 2016, the media complained that Russia interfered in the election by spending hundreds of thousands on social media outlets.

Yet they didn't care when Mark Zuckerberg spent hundreds of millions in 2020 to interfere in elections while committing fraud.  Instead of caring about the fraud, they falsely accuse anyone who questioned the 2020 election of being a liar and denier.  The liars and deniers are people who know about the fraud and other questionable things and tell the public that the election was clean.

Most of the media have sought to destroy Fox News as unreliable for a long time, and now they are attacking Fox because some people on Fox questioned the 2020 election.

When will the WaPo, NYT, USA Today, CNN, PBS, NPR, CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, etc. come clean about their intentional lies on Russian collusion, Hunter's laptop, COVID, and the 2020 election?  The answer is never, because truth and objectivity haven't mattered for a long time — only power for leftists. 

Election report finds Facebook mogul's 'Zuck Bucks' broke law, swayed election outcome in Wisconsin

A 2020 election integrity probe in Wisconsin reported findings Tuesday that a nonprofit group funded by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg committed election bribery when it targeted $8.8 million in get-out-the-vote funds to five heavily Democratic jurisdictions.

Marc Rich was on the most wanted list for a long time, but all he had to do to be above the law was donate to the Clintons. 

Clinton pardon of Rich a saga of power, money

President Clinton's pardon of Marc Rich is a saga of secrecy, tenacity, sleight of hand and pressure from Rich's ex-wife and one of her friends, who together have steered millions of dollars to Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton's causes and those of fellow Democrats.

The saga began in the fall of 1999. Rich was No. 6 on the government's list of most wanted fugitives. He had been on the lam, albeit a posh one, for 16 years, ever since his 1983 indictment by a grand jury on more than 50 counts of wire fraud, racketeering, trading with the enemy and evading more than $48 million in income taxes.

The government accused him of conspiring with Iran in 1980 to purchase over 6 million barrels of oil, in violation of a trade embargo imposed by the United States because Iran was holding 52 Americans hostage in the U.S. Embassy in Tehran. Payments for the oil, federal agents said, were made fraudulently through American banks and by the illegal use of American telecommunications facilities.

Eric Holder helped facilitate the pardon, and the media once pretended to care.

Marc Rich pardon may haunt Holder

The media complain that there is too much money in politics, so why do they raise prices during high-demand election periods?  Isn't that gouging?

Joe Biden and other Democrats say they care about equity, equality, and fairness, so why don't they take their advantage in campaign funds and equalize the balance in their opponents' accounts to achieve equity?  Shouldn't they pay reparations to all their opponents who have lost because they were underfunded?

Conclusion: The media and other Democrats don't really care about any of the following:

  • Too much money in politics
  • Where the donations come from
  • Paying victims of crime
  • Soft-on-crime prosecutors
  • Equity
  • Equality
  • Fairness

They care only about power.

On a side note: Why do so many people posing as reporters have so much interest in an ethics investigation of Santos and so little in an ethics investigation of AOC?  The answer is that they are Democrats and don't care.

Photo credfit: JerichoCC BY 3.0 license.

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