A different take on two controversial AT commenters

Most of you know two people who post routinely in the American Thinker comments section, typically with opposing viewpoints to the authors and/or other commenters. 

Not long ago, there was an article suggesting how to block a commenter from your view.  Personally, I do not block their posts, but rather enjoy and appreciate them.  

I do not routinely listen to any news network, nor do I read mainstream news on the internet.  It is extremely hard to navigate any of these networks for actual information that I feel is important to me, my family, and our country.  Nor am I interested in opinions from liberal nitwits that are promulgated in mainstream networks.  I do not need to be entertained by the incoherent ramblings of our current vice president, I do not care what some washed up actor or athlete said about Donald Trump, and Paul Pelosi means nothing to me.  I do not have time to waste in my living room watching any news channel listening to everything that is important to someone else, waiting for that nugget of news that is important to me.

This is one reason I enjoy American Thinker: because many of the topics discussed are relevant to authors who have the same passions and focus as myself.  AT authors are not news personalities seeking ratings.  AT articles also often offer thoughtful analysis and rational perspective beyond just reporting the news.  

AT authors and commenters take precision in language far more seriously than other media sources.  While many seem to accept the migratory corruption of our language, AT authors and commenters typically do not.  For example, AT authors and commenters understand what a "vaccine" always was until its definition was corrupted by mRNAs, which do not fall under the traditional definition of a "vaccine."  AT authors and commenters understand what an "insurrection" was before its definition was corrupted by the left in trying to define what happened on January 6.  Most importantly, AT authors and commenters understand the difference between a "democracy" and a "constitutional republic."

I enjoy the comments from many of AT readers because they sometimes challenge the original author on some valid points and sometimes offer new perspectives on the same subject that offers greater context for better understanding.  The concept of full context is foreign to the left, as exemplified by the left's portrayal of "hands up, don't shoot"; Kyle Rittenhouse; Nick Sandmann; etc. — and, indeed, January 6.  

To gain full context also means to understand the perspective from the left on these same subjects.  It is not hard to discover the left's views on what is important to the left; after all, I still use AOL, which pushes all the MSM headlines.  The reason I enjoy these two commenters is because they will sometimes cite sources for opposing viewpoints on only the topics that interest me — sources that I would never find on my own.  Often their sources are little more than propaganda or loaded with false assumptions and corrupted language, but nonetheless, if this is what the left thinks about the subject, then I am at least better informed and able to debate more effectively in the future. 

So, thank you, David and Roland.

Pete Colan is a successful inventor and entrepreneur residing in northern Indiana. 

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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