Why did the FBI target traditional Catholics?

Last week, Tucker Carlson had a brief segment about the leaked FBI memo recommending surveillance of traditional Catholics as potential domestic terrorists.  The contents of the memo became widely known only because of a fearless FBI whistleblower assigned to the relatively small Richmond, Va. district office.  It later became known that the (false) accusation originated from a wing of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) in Norfolk, Va.  The FBI immediately walked it back, and the nightly news returned to coverage of the spy balloon skeet shoot, the Super Bowl, and the devastating earthquake in Turkey. 

I am no Catholic, but I fail to see how anyone supporting the traditional Latin Mass in opposition to Pope Francis and holding a pro-life and a biblical worldview of marriage and sexuality would qualify as a domestic terrorist compared to the ignored Antifa members.  Despite this nonsensical accusation, the traditional wing of the Catholic Church is robust and gaining members.

Nevertheless, there had to be much more to the release of the FBI memo.  Top FBI leadership knows that President Biden, Nancy Pelosi, many in Congress, and most of the Supreme Court members are Catholics (okay, many only claim to be).  However, none is known to admit being to being a traditional (Latin Mass) Catholic.

Little else substantive was heard on the FBI memo until this half-hour video was released Super Bowl Sunday from Remnant TV (a subsidiary of The Remnant Newspaper, a widely read traditional Catholic publication).  "In this episode of The Remnant Underground, Michael J. Matt provides the backstory behind the recent FBI memo recommending surveillance of Latin Mass Catholics as potential domestic terrorists.  Although the FBI HQ recalled the Richmond memo one day after the FBI whistleblower leaked the memo, Michael argues that there is more to this story.  A lot more!"

Michael Matt's media organization is the best known of the so-called traditional Catholic domestic "terrorist" groups named on the SPLC's list.  And given some thought, this same domestic terrorist label could just as easily apply to any believing Christians who have rejected "wokeness" and remain pro-life and support the biblical understanding of marriage and sexuality.  Nevertheless, despite the internal bickering since Vatican 2, the Catholic Church remains the largest Christian denomination in the world.

The Remnant TV video is well worth the half-hour it takes to watch, whether the viewer is Catholic or not.  And Michael Matt says there is some good news coming from the leaked memo.  "The FBI helps to raise the profile of the worldwide traditional Catholic movement."

Image via Pixnio.

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