Who is running our government?

Classified documents, everywhere, and by everyone: Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Mike Pence… and the list keeps growing. Now there are questions about Barack Obama, who took 30,000,000 documents to his Presidential library (it’s doubtful he even knows what he has) and who has ignored the National Archive’s requests for their return.

This is just more evidence of what the American people have learned really exists: The Deep State. The Deep State successfully ousted Trump with constant leaks and political chicanery against a sitting president, all to foment distrust and dishonor, and to make his life and office a living Hades. Pelosi’s Congress was no slouch either and impeached him a second time, even after he left office (with the first impeachment over a phone call!).

Then came the most stunning election upset in history, after Joe Biden stayed in his basement for the entire election campaign while the media campaigned for him. Biden brought nothing to the election—no soaring rhetoric, no catchphrases, no crowds, yet somehow not only unseated Trump but also garnered the most votes in American history.

Now, though, it appears that Biden, having unseated Trump, must go too. This would be hilarious if it weren’t so serious insofar as it indicates that an actual cabal controls our government.

Image: Shadow government made using Ghosts by MariaSemelevich and Biden in the Oval Office (US government work).

It would be nice to think that, at the very least, the cabal’s opposition to Biden is because he is pushing for WWIII with Putin. Biden, after all, is demanding regime change and arming Ukraine with weapons Putin insists will trigger escalation. Worldwide leftist organizations are taking Putin’s threats seriously. However, given that the battle against Biden started when he made noises about a second term, it seems more likely they’re just trying to get rid of a Democrat who cannot possibly win in 2024.

Regarding Putin, it was the Democrats who insisted that Trump would bring Armageddon. It turns out, though, that the honor has been taken by the Democrats, Joe Biden, and the Deep State. They’ve managed to wipe out U.S. gains in Afghanistan, fund the Taliban, and help that nation revert to 7th Century Islam, so why not wipe out Ukraine and, maybe, the world next?

We The People are not in control of this government, but who is in control remains to be seen. Referring to the Deep State and cabals is not the same as naming names. However, what we know is that we are beyond elections, given that our government—the Executive, the Legislature, and the Courts—no longer protects our rights, national security, and borders.

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