When a leftist grand jury forewoman goes 'giddy' at the thought of arresting Donald Trump

The "giddy" (and arguably immature) 30-year-old forewoman of the Georgia grand jury, apparently charged by Fulton County district attorney Fani Wills to come up with some basis to indict former president Donald Trump, is just the latest citizen apparently afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome — whose effect leads the afflicted to look for ways and means to prevent Mr. Trump from seeking a second presidential term, preferably via incarceration for illusory "crimes" perceived only by those carrying the TDS virus.

The first such carrier (not to gainsay the existence of TDS carriers during the early years of the Trump presidency when the name Adam Schiff, M.C., comes to mind) was, certainly, House speaker Nancy Pelosi, who, after failing to oust President Trump for a perfectly reasonable phone conversation with Ukraine president Volodomyr Zelensky, summer of 2019, went on to rip up Mr. Trump's final State of the Union address, for viewers to witness, and then concocted a second Trump impeachment for this president, with the Senate aspect taking place after Mr. Trump had peacefully left office.

Thereupon, Ms. Pelosi arranged for a nine-member House select committee consisting of nine representatives suffering from TDS to the point where they, every member, including the two Republicans — chosen by Pelosi, too — could no longer distinguish their obligation to honor the rule of law from their desire to throw the book at former president Trump, in full derogation of the principle of law, claiming, in effect, that when it comes to Donald J. Trump, our narrative pushes aside our commitment to the Constitution.

How could one expect a 30-year old grand juror not to be "giddy" at the prospect of performing Woke's work, going from media outlet to media outlet for her more than 15 minutes of notoriety? 

It is not clear who initiated the invitations — our giddy grand jury forewoman or media producers long giddified by the image of a frog-marching Donald J. Trump (fresh from visiting a toxic red-state venue that Biden wouldn't enter wearing a COVID mask), headed to arraignment.  Occam's Razor on Media Hysteria would suggest that the media initiated the invitations to turn the legal process upside-down, legal niceties be damned.  After all, when it comes to Donald J. Trump, all — not just legal — niceties are damned, trashed, thrown overboard.

Should we really expect that the giddy 30-year-old Georgia grand jury forewoman had, all along, a personal list of media contacts and was ready to initiate media contact while consumed with giddiness?  Unfortunately, with former Biden aide Jen Psaki now ensconced at MSNBC, the media opportunities for a TDS-stricken, yet giddy, Gen Zer have narrowed considerably.

On the other hand, perhaps a George Soros-backed public TV outlet in Georgia has an opening for a giddy reading of the headlines.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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