Was Dr. Michael Mammone a victim of the left’s ugly racial obsessions?

Dr. Michael Mammone was an emergency room physician, which means he dedicated himself to saving lives. However, on Wednesday, on Southern California’s Pacific Coast Highway near Dana Point, a man named Vanroy Evan Smith smashed into Dr. Mammone, who was on a bicycle. Smith then got out of his car and stabbed Dr. Mammone to death. What makes this horrifying story worthy of national analysis is that an eyewitness alleged that, as Smith attacked Dr. Mammone, he was “muttering about White privilege.” If true, the left’s obsessions are dangerously infecting society.

The core facts, as noted, are straightforward: Smith, who apparently did not know Dr. Mammone, sped through an intersection and struck Dr. Mammone, throwing the doctor into the air. Then, Smith got out of his car and stabbed the helpless doctor to death.

Image: Dr. Michael Mammone. Providence Mission Hospital

Should you choose to watch it, the video of Smith’s car smashing into Dr. Mammone—you can see Smith’s car shoot out into the intersection in the top left corner of the video—is stomach-churning (and I honestly cannot account for all the cars that just keep driving by):

On its face, what happened to Dr. Mammone is just a horrific story that would normally fall into the “crazy person” or the “evil person” category. However, what raises it to the level of important national news is that a witness claimed to have “heard the suspect uttering racial slurs about ‘White privilege.’”

Assuming that’s true (and it’s still early days, so it may not be), we must ask how we got here. What’s important to note is that the phrase “White privilege” is not a “crazy person phrase” along the lines of “Kenneth, what is the frequency?” It is, instead, a phrase that’s relentlessly being inserted into American society to demean, dehumanize and, to use the left’s own vocabulary, “other-ize” White people.

As just the latest example, Christopher Rufo has written a detailed essay about the overtly, aggressively anti-White teachings, all masquerading under the rubric of “diversity, equity, and inclusion,” that are inextricably intertwined with every aspect of work and learning (if you can call it learning) at Florida State University:

One representative program is “Social Justice Ally Training,” hosted by Student Equity & Inclusion Director Sierra Turner and the Center for Leadership & Social Change. The program provides a basic recapitulation of the critical-race-theory narrative: white, patriarchal Western societies have created a “Cycle of Socialization” that has resulted in “racism, classism, religious oppression, sexism, heterosexism, gender oppression, ableism, ageism & adultism, and xenophobia.”

The trainers make the case that, in the United States, “whites” are the racial group responsible for the “systematic subordination of members of targeted racial groups who have relatively little power.” Whites are also guilty of “cultural racism,” or the creation and maintenance of social structures that “overtly and covertly attribute normality to white people and Whiteness.” By definition, no other group can be racist—“institutional racism” can only “create advantages and benefits for Whites.”

Likewise, American K-12 schools are inculcating this vile racism in American students. Last May, it emerged that a Washington, D.C. school had given 4-year-olds an “anti-racism” book that asked them not only to finger “racist” relatives but also explained to all the students that “if you are a white person, white privilege is something you were born with….”

Just three months ago, Tucker Carlson pointed out what we’ve all noticed: This racial hatred is not limited to academia. The harder-left side of the mainstream media is increasingly engaging in eliminationist rhetoric that has the feel of what the media did in Rwanda right before unleashing the Hutus on the Tutsis:

Knowing the toxins that leftists (Democrats, the media, academia, etc.) are fire-hosing into the American mind, it’s easy to believe that the person who witnessed Smith murder Dr. Mammone accurately reported Smith’s mutterings about “White privilege.” And if one assumes that the eyewitness report is indeed accurate, whether Smith was motivated by madness or evil, his act reflects what the left is relentlessly pumping into America: Race hatred that ultimately demands that White people must be sacrificed on the Marxist, racial altar to “purify” America.

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