Ukraine between two empires

There is no need for DNA analysis to establish the presence of the imperialism gene in the Russian genome. This gene was inherited by the Russian Federation from Tsarist Russia and the Soviet Union. There is no need to conduct DNA analysis to establish the presence of the imperialism gene in the Iranian genome. This gene was passed on to Iran from the Persian Empire and the Islamic consciousness of superiority over "infidels.” The military alliance between the Russian Federation and Iran means the formation of a "double helix" for the new gene of imperialism, the gene for the destruction of resistance to democracy and law enforcement. Ukrainians are also "infidels" because they fight against their former suzerain and refuse to recognize themselves not just as vassals of the Russian Federation, but as members of the Russian people and the "Russian world." The "Russian world" is so saturated with war that it leaves no chance for people who join it to exist peacefully. "Denazification" of Ukraine, stated as one of the goals of Russia's war, means the recognition of Ukrainians as Russian people. Their refusal to identify themselves with Russia and their desire to exist independently of it are perceived as an encroachment on the sovereign rights of the Russian Federation over the territory of the former possessions of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union.

Although Russia and Iran are rivals in oil and gas sales and competitors in seizing spheres of influence in the Middle East, especially in Syria, confrontation with the United States and NATO and Western economic sanctions have brought them closer together. Russia and Iran have similar goals: Russia exports to other countries the idea of a "right" world order in which it is the leading force and legislator; Iran exports to different parts of the globe the Islamic Shiite revolution. Both countries have successfully suppressed resistance to their regimes within their own countries and seek to do the same on a global scale. According to some reports, they are consulting with each other on methods of suppressing popular unrest and overcoming western sanctions. Iran has powerfully supported the Russian Federation by supplying it with thousands of drones.  How deep and reliable is the cooperation between the Islamic Republic, which believes that Christianity must disappear, and Christian Russia?

According to U.S. intelligence, the first batch of short-range Fateh-110 and Zolfaghar missiles, capable of hitting targets at a distance of 300 and 700 km respectively, is already being prepared for Russia in Iran. Most likely, ballistic missiles produced by Iran will be placed on the northern border of Ukraine. Ukraine has no effective defense against missiles because it has only air defense, but no missile defense. These missiles will be aimed at Kiev to try to destroy the Ukrainian government or at least prevent decisions of national importance from being made. Instead of the hapless and unsuccessful invasion of Russian tank columns at the beginning of the war, the Russian Federation will use missiles against a poorly defended Ukraine. Western tanks will not be able to defend Kiev, the center of the Ukrainian resistance, which will be subjected to Mariupol-type destruction.

The war in Ukraine may last even if Putin leaves the presidency, since the reason for the attack is not one dictator or another at the head of the Russian Federation, but Russian imperialism, which is unable to retreat. There is no reverse in its gearbox. Iran is also losing a sense of what is useful and what is right for it as it opens another front, additional to the Syrian, Israeli, Yemeni, Lebanese, Iraqi and Saudi fronts. Iran is on the verge of national overstretch. In imperialism, self-control is a rare phenomenon. So, the system commands itself to advance at all costs. It is not only a developed mechanism of necessary and unavoidable lies, but also the self-deception of an imperialist regime convinced of its rightness and of its victory.  

Image: Manhhai

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