There is something wrong with people who celebrate this...

What's the celebration all about in Minnesota?  Did the Vikings win?  Twins add a shortstop?  The Wild on the road to the Stanley Cup?  The answer is not about sports or a drop in crime rates in Minneapolis.  The answer is a celebration about abortion, or "reproductive rights," as they call it these days.

After Roe was overturned, we knew that states would decide the issue on their own.  And so they did.  Elections have consequences, as we see in a 34-33 party-line vote.  And in Minnesota, they had a huge celebration to go with it.  Not one Democrat had the guts to stand up and look at the abortion fanatics and say: This is too much.  You can't go this far.

It's pathetic and so weak that it makes you wonder how these people sleep at night.  I guess they sleep by calling it protecting reproductive health.

This is the story:

Gov. Tim Walz enshrined the right to abortion and other reproductive health care into Minnesota statutes Tuesday, signing a bill meant to ensure that the state's existing protections remain in place no matter who sits on future courts.

Democratic leaders took advantage of their new control of both houses of the Legislature to rush the bill through in the first month of the 2023 legislative session. They credit the backlash against the U.S. Supreme Court decision last summer to reverse Roe v. Wade for their takeover of the state Senate and for keeping their House majority in a year when Republicans expected to make gains.

"After last year's landmark election across this country, we're the first state to take legislative action to put these protections in place," Walz said at a signing ceremony flanked by over 100 lawmakers, providers and other advocates who worked to pass the bill.

Flanked by lawmakers applauding?  No limitations on how many weeks into the pregnancy or if the baby could survive outside the womb.

"Babies beware" is what I'm hearing from Minnesota.  Let's hope that a future legislature can save the babies in Minnesota by reversing this insane legislation.

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Image: Ted Eytan.

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