The moral gap between left and right is widening

The left have always leaned toward the elimination of restrictions on morality and personal behavior, up to and including in some cases pedophilia ("minor-attracted persons"), homosexuality, trans-sexuality, drag queenery, abortion, and pornography.  Bestiality may well be next.  It will be called "animal affinity" or something equally perverse.

By contrast, the right, generally speaking, has leaned toward moral guardrails, behavior moderation, decorum, and biblical living.  These are two very different and separate worldviews.

The question is chicken-egg: do the people who love chaos, perversity, and libertinism gravitate toward the political and cultural left, or does leftism with its almost total lack of self-restraint create libertine individuals?  Either way, the left-right moral polarization has created two Americas.

A good example of this split was seen at the Super Bowl halftime show, which was a lewd and disgusting unbridled display of narcissistic sexual exhibitionism broadcast throughout the country, even to the viewers who would much rather have seen a marching band or precision drill team.  Many families turned off the halftime show either because they thought it disgusting or because they didn't want their children seeing lewdness saluted and mainlined into the American bloodstream.  American decency lost out on Sunday.

I'm for a divorce between left and right, however that manifests, so long as their immoral imperatives don't affect my life, my health, or my tranquility.  The problem is that the left is in its ascendency, affecting every level of the culture except maybe in Florida.  God bless Ron DeSantis, who seems to be one of very few bright lights who are actively and passionately fighting against the left's moral decay in American culture.  Our schools are riddled with woke transsexual advocacy, anti-white racism calling itself "anti-racism," and drag queen story hours glamorized by obese men with beards and sequins and false breasts the size of watermelons.  This is supposed to be enlightened.

The most alarming thing about the left's libertinism is their targeting of very young children.  The second most alarming thing is that many parents accept and embrace such nauseating behavior.  What are they thinking?

Children are being groomed in our schools to believe that not only can they change their sex, but they can and should do it the moment they feel the notion to, or are pressured to by pedophiles of both sexes, some of whom are parents who should know better.

We face a wall of separation, not between church and state, but between morality and immorality, between left and right notions of what decency is.  Those scaling the wall from left to right are moving rather quickly, but some trans people deeply regret what they have done to their bodies, and now it's too late to change it except on the surface.  You cannot re-implant ovaries and uteri.  I sense a vacancy, though, in scaling from right to left.  We are hearing little about conservatives' radical surgeries turning women into men and vice versa.  I have no statistics to back that up, just a sense of the mood of American morality on this.

As far as hookup sex, the left has had a lock on that demographic since the sixties, and for a while, the right was catching up.  But now I am starting to see a heartening crawl-back from whatever libertinism there is on the right to a more structured, more moral set of sexual behaviors.  Christian teens and young people seem to be coming home to biblical life, demanding more rules that matter, rules that give them self-respect that is deserved, not "self-esteem" that isn't.

Perhaps the wall between left and right morality can be toppled.  I doubt it, but I do see some effort in that direction when I look for it.  One thing is certain: the default behavior of much of the left comprises few rules, little structure, almost nothing forbidden, and pretty much anything goes.  Oddly enough, the default behavior of the right is the same at its base in general human failings, but people on the right seem to want to break those chains that allow them to slide toward the leftist snake pit of moral abasement.

Perhaps this is the personality difference between liberal and conservative that seems so evident in the demeanor of both groups: many on the left seem perpetually angry and unhappy and often loath to examine their own probity.  Those on the right seem more willing to examine themselves for behavior that makes them feel less honorable and decent.  I see this as a good sign, perhaps a small shift in the paradigm that shapes men's and women's souls in America.

Image: Chris Dodds via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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