The lies government will tell to force green energy

Democrats want to bury and regulate CO2, a clear, innocuous, non-pollutant gas that allows plants to grow and the world to be fed. 

They want to eliminate clean-burning, efficient, affordable natural gas plants that keep people comfortable with air-conditioning and heating. 

They claim that coal power plants with scrubbers emissions travel across states.  That is nuts!  The emissions clearly dissipate soon after they go in the atmosphere.  (I have lived within one mile of a coal-fired power plant for 43 years, and the air is very clean.  Thank goodness for natural resources that have greatly improved our quality and length of life for over 150 years. 

Incidentally, the warmest day ever in Springfield, Illinois is 112, which occurred in July of 1954, 69 years ago, during a global cooling period.  I was one year old at the time, and we had a box fan.  We have very few 100-degree days in Illinois.  There is no scientific data that show a direct correlation between temperatures and our consumption of natural resources or with humans breathing out CO2. 

They claim that cow emissions of methane are extremely harmful, but again, there is no correlation connecting cow emissions, temperatures, and any other component of the climate.

The number of cows increased by 361% between the ending of a little ice age in 1860 and 1975, which was the end of a 35-year global cooling period.  If there was a direct correlation between warming and methane, we would certainly see it with a 361% increase in the number of cows. 

Cycles have been a feature of the cattle industry regardless of whether the industry is trending larger or smaller. Cattle inventories trended higher from 28.6 million head in 1867 to 132.0 million head in 1975, an increase of 361% over 108 years. 

While Democrats are seeking to severely limit our use of natural resources, they are promoting wind turbines, no matter how many whales and other wildlife they kill. 

While they are spending massive amounts to limit the non-pollutant CO2, they are requiring us to use the expensive, highly flammable pollutant lithium.  They clearly don't care about how and where it is produced, and they don't even care if child labor is used.  All they care about is controlling our lives.

And now we see how little they care about actual pollution, and an actual threat to the people, with a massive chemical spill in Ohio.  They see the fish dying and the chemicals in the water, but they tell the people the water is safe. 

I bet the people in this town are comfortable with coal plants and gas-powered vehicles.  Biden and Mayor Pete haven't even cared enough to visit.  Maybe Kerry, Gates, Obama, and Gore can fly in on their private jets to warn them about climate change and to watch their carbon footprint.

Of course the same people that talk about the existential threat of natural resources spread multiple lies about COVID and silenced anyone who dared disagree with the dictatorial edicts. 

Is it any wonder that the people have so little trust in big government and in the media establishment that promotes its policies? 

The climate has always been and will always be cyclical.  It is arrogant and dishonest for politicians, bureaucrats, educators, entertainers, and bureaucrats to pretend they can control it if we just give them trillions of our hard earned dollars and destroy our quality of life. 

Image via Pxhere.

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