Stairlift company mocks Biden falling up the stairs in their latest advertisement

The mention of stairlifts reminds me of Billy Wilder’s celebrated legal mystery thriller Witness for the Prosecution which was released in 1957.

In that film, the great thespian Charles Laughton plays the eccentric and acerbic senior barrister Sir Wilfrid Robarts, who is recovering from a heart attack. Laughton plays him hilariously as if he were doing an impression of Winston Churchill. 

The barrister’s condition prevents him from activities such as ascending stairs, hence he has a stairlift installed at his home.

The scene of a portly and very reluctant Laughton perched in a tiny chair being steered up and down the staircase at the insistence of his nurse and butler was perhaps the most hilarious moment in that must-watch picture.

Stairlifts are back in the news because a prominent stairlift maker is gently mocking Joe Biden for stumbling down the stairs.

We look at Biden’s record with the Air Force One staircase.

In March 2021, Joe Biden tripped while ascending the stairs of Air Force One, not once or twice, but thrice. Biden was on his way to Atlanta to meet with Asian community leaders following the massage parlor shootings.

What was worse was the White House’s laughable attempts to even spin this fall, the reasons of which are obvious to all. Karine Jean-Pierre blamed a gust of wind for causing the stumble:

In May 2022, Biden briefly lost balance as he climbed up the plane’s steps on his way to Illinois to discuss inflation when he was pictured almost falling up the stairs to the aircraft.

Just last week, Biden stumbled again, as he departed Warsaw, concluding his 3-day “surprise” trip to Ukraine to mark the anniversary of the war.

The octogenarian managed to regain his balance, made it to the top of the stairs, and waved goodbye to all at the Chopin Airport.

These repeated falls and struggles to construct a coherent sentence have caused many to wonder whether he is physically and mentally fit to run the country.

Quiet bystanders, a group of shrewd advertising executives with a dark sense of humor, saw Biden’s struggles on the staircase of AF1 as a marketing opportunity: they decided to use it in their recent advertisement campaign for a well-known stairlift company, Acorn Stairlifts Inc.

A subsequent tweet in the thread contained hashtags that also poked up at Biden such as #ChairForceOne and #StairForceOne.

The Tweet received 233.8 thousand views with 279 Retweets, 129 Quote Tweets, and 984 Likes.

Hence, Acorn Stairlifts took it to the next level.

The company pledged to provide services to the White House.

The Tweet read “Made for leaders, helping you pave the way to independence one step at a time” before an animated video of the White House appeared, with “Yes…even this one!”

This Tweet received 42.3 thousand views with 79 Retweets, 24 Quote Tweets, and 310 Likes.

But the best was saved for the last.

Acorn Stairlifts Inc posted a video on YouTube of Joe Biden endorsing their product.

Well, not exactly.

It was neither Acorn Stairlifts Inc. nor Biden.

It was a voice-over comedy artist who uploaded a video on his YouTube channel.

In the video, we hear a near-perfect impression of doddering ol’ Joe claiming to be embarrassed for repeatedly falling on his posterior while climbing the stairs.

Next, we see a video of a photoshopped Biden gradually descending the staircase in an inferior brand stairlift, but ham-fistedly muddling up the switch causing the contraption to malfunction. Poor Joe then finds himself speeding up the stairs, before he’s tossed out of the window due to the projectile velocity.

Is it cruel to find humor at the expense of an elderly man who is rapidly losing his mental and physical abilities?

Yes, it is!

But it is also cruel for a man with rapidly declining mental and physical faculties to allow a group of unelected bureaucrats and cabinets to run one of the world’s largest democracies via proxies.

It is also cruel for the family of a man with rapidly declining mental and physical faculties to allow his situation to be exploited for power.

It is also cruel that due to the misgovernance of the Biden administration around 1.5 million retirees, perhaps some who are as old or older than Joe were compelled to rejoin the workforce, due to high inflation.

It is also cruel that 1 in 6 retirees is considering returning to work in search of greater financial security.

It is also cruel that the lives of citizens are endangered due to the influx of millions of illegal aliens thanks to the Biden administration’s purposeful fluidity of the U.S.-Mexico border.

It is also cruel that Biden and the Democrats are waging war against their political opponents using government agencies to target them and branding dissenting citizens as domestic terrorists.

It is also cruel that Biden has pledged more than $111 billion to “defend democracy” and freedoms in Ukraine while the democracy in the U.S. crumbles and citizens struggle due to his misgovernance.

A comic video that pokes fun at Biden’s struggles seems innocuous compared to the dire hardships on citizens that are a result of Biden's misgovernance.

The Biden administration should now be known as the Biden maladministration.

Image: YouTube screen grab.

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