So when is the FEC going to fine the WaPo, the NYT and all the other media outlets that bury stories or post false ones to influence elections?

The National Enquirer was fined $187,500 by the Federal Election commission for squelching a story about Donald Trump because they said it was a prohibited in-kind contribution to influence an election. 

Here's the story from the Associated Press:

National Enquirer, caught in ‘catch-and-kill’ scandal, sold

The National Enquirer, the scandal-plagued tabloid that engaged in “catch-and-kill” practices to bury stories about Donald Trump during his presidential campaign, has been sold.

The Federal Election Commission fined a360 Media $187,500 in June 2021 for squashing the McDougal story. The FEC said the publisher’s “payment to Karen McDougal to purchase a limited life story right combined with its decision not to publish the story, in consultation with an agent of Donald J. Trump and for the purpose of influencing the election, constituted a prohibited corporate in-kind contribution.”

What about fining all the news outlets that continuously published fake news stories about Russian collusion? Those were obviously in-kind contributions seeking to destroy Trump and influence elections, too. 

The fines should be huge for all the media outlets that caught and killed the true Hunter Biden abandoned laptop story showing the corruption of the Biden family before the 2020 election. They are still killing the story. They are also killing all the information out of Twitter that shows how corrupt the media has been as they colluded to elect Democrats. 

How many years did the media catch and kill stories about the Clintons' serial mental and physical abuse of women in their attempt to influence elections? 

Did ABC News bury the Jeffrey Epstein story to protect Bill Clinton and others?

Anybody remember this?

ABC News Defends Its Epstein Coverage After Leaked Video Of Anchor

I am sure the public would have great interest in all the men who enjoyed the benefits of hanging out with Epstein, but the biased media seems to have little interest.

How many women and young girls have been abused and destroyed over decades because the media spent so much effort catching and killing stories about powerful men? How long was the story about Harvey Weinstein buried because he hung around with and donated to Democrats?

The FEC and Justice Department are extremely political as they selectively prosecute. 

Think of the massive election fraud that the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC perpetuated on the public and the Justice Department when they paid more than $10 million to a corrupt foreign national to produce the fictional Russian dossier.

Then they committed fraud by lying to the FEC that the money was for legal fees. 

Then the corrupt Justice Department used the fictional dossier when they lied to the FISA court in order to illegally spy on people surrounding Trump to influence the election. 

And all the people who committed this massive fraud on the American people are scot-free because they are above the law. 

But the National Enquirer is the "scandal-plagued" one.

Most of the media is scandal-plagued as they continually campaign for Democrats and their radical policies and are willing to print lies to destroy Republicans to block their policies.

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