Smackdown: Elon Musk reminds the Pentagon what its job is

In one of the most satisfying tweets seen on Twitter, Elon Musk took the time to remind the Pentagon what its job was.

It all began badly with this official Department of Defense tweet:

It's elaborate, it's full of afflatus, it was redolent of Gen. Mark Milley and all his medals on his plus-sized frame, who has expressed his devotion to wokeness, making it a reminder to the readers of it that the Pentagon hasn't been winning any wars lately — and in fact, it's had a series of spectacular failures.  The focus on wokesterism of the tweet, as if the entire U.S. were a pit of racism and only the big-dollar DEIA bureaucrats can save it, was utterly queasy-making.  But there we are: the Pentagon in all its wokester jargon glory.

Enter Elon Musk, who gave them a short. clipped reminder of what their job is:

Musk's tweet may have been seen by as many as 129 million followers, not counting secondary tweets, drawing attention to what a bunch of clowns the Pentagon has filled itself with.

It was pithy and indisputably on point.

It rather reminded me of this scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark, where Harrison Ford gets to the point:

Too bad we don't have Musk running the Department of Defense.  He'd probably be good at hosing it out.

Image: Screen shot from MovieClips video via YouTube.

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