Pfizer's unpunished confession

In 1985, I was a young physician in internal medicine training.  In that year, pharmaceutical companies were allowed to advertise not only to physicians, as had been true in the past, but now to the general public.  At the time, I wondered why Pharma would want to spend more money less efficiently.  Over the years, as I have observed little evidence in support of direct-to-patient marketing, the question remained.

Recent events, however, have opened my eyes.

At the end of January, Project Veritas released a video featuring a senior executive physician at Pfizer caught with an undercover camera admitting to some extremely damaging information regarding Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine.  This official, Jordan Walker, M.D., is described on the Pfizer website as "Pfizer Global Director of Research and Development-Strategic Operations and mRNA Scientific Planning."

Among his admissions were:

1. The virus and the vaccine were a "cash cow" for Pfizer (no surprise).

2. The FDA and CDC have been "captured" by Pharma, resulting in lax oversight.  This is because of a "revolving door" between employees at the federal agencies moving to Pharma for better jobs and more money.  He admits that this is "pretty good for the industry" but "bad for everyone else."

3. That Pfizer has been growing SARS-coV-2 in monkeys and encouraging mutations so Pfizer can develop pre-emptive vaccines.  They refer to this as "directed evolution" rather than "gain of function," which is of course illegal in the United States.  One of the most chilling parts of the interview is his blasé attitude about the possibility of these viruses escaping into the community.

4. He admits that there appears to be a problem with female fertility and menstrual issues secondary to the vaccine.  He admits that the Pfizer scientists don't know the mechanism and, from his statements, aren't particularly interested.  He is mainly concerned about liability issues.  To quote the good doctor: "I hope we don't find that this mRNA lingers in the body."  He then offers the possibility that the vaccine has "f----- up an entire generation."  He glibly notes that if this were true, he would have to remove his employment at Pfizer from his résumé.

You need to watch these videos.  They're absolutely infuriating.

For about two days, the release of this interview achieved widespread coverage in conservative media.  It received little to no coverage in traditional mainstream outlets.

Despite this, given all we've been through over the last three years, these revelations should have rocked the country.  Where is the public outrage?  Where are the congressional committees that should be investigating these statements?  For that matter, where is the Department of Justice?

It is possible that this has been buried by the long arm of Pfizer through its influence not only on government agencies, but also on the news media through the sponsorship of their broadcasts.  By January 28, any mention of this controversy was gone, and news coverage was all about the Chinese balloon.  The revelation that Pfizer was mutating new COVID-19 viruses, and had possibly damaged the health of a whole generation, was forgotten.

If Dr. Walker's story is true, and his incredibly callous attitude is any sign, Pfizer would seem to have created a rapacious, amoral, and arguably criminal corporate culture.  This description might also extend to the cultures of the FDA, the CDC, and our corporate media, who appear to have buried this incredibly important information in the face of Pfizer's continuing advertisement dollars and employment opportunities.

All those years, I wondered why Pharma spent so richly on advertising.

It's because I had the target wrong.  The money wasn't meant for prescriptions.

It was for media influence.  And it worked.

Dr. Smith is a pulmonary and sleep physician who practices in Northeast Pennsylvania.  He has published articles on multiple topics including the outdoors, photography, and science/medicine.  He has been featured in multiple regional and national publications.  He blogs at

Image: Pfizer.

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