Now the WaPo ‘factchecker’ is rationalizing the letter from 51 lying intelligence officials

The Republicans in the House are having an investigation into the collusion of the media, the Justice Department, and intelligence officials as they censored the true story of the Biden family corruption right before the 2020 election.

This was pure election interference to mislead the public.

Now, Glenn Kessler, the designated fact-checker at the WaPo, is claiming that the intelligence officials who lied about Russian disinformation were very careful in their wording of the letter but that the media either misinterpreted or misused the letter.  That is a load of garbage. 

The Hunter Biden laptop and claims of 'Russian disinfo'

The letter signed by more than 50 former intelligence officials about the laptop was carefully worded to say much less than is often claimed.

Yes, they used the expression "has all the earmarks" to leave the impression without definitively stating that it was Russian disinformation.  They used this care because they wanted to mislead the public into drawing a conclusion that they were unwilling to state clearly (because they knew it was untrue).  The clear purpose of the letter was to tell the public that the laptop's content was Russian disinformation.  Joe Biden cited the letter in a presidential debate with President Trump and claimed that it stated that the laptop was a Russian fake.  None of the signers of the letter disputed his interpretation.

These 51 people obviously wanted Biden to win, and they didn't want the public to see how corrupt and dishonest Biden is and has been throughout his career while he fed at the public trough.

The question is, who got these former intelligence officials to coordinate a letter as soon as the New York Post story hit?

The WaPo, including Glenn Kessler, along with most of the media, were also campaigning for Biden and wanted to bury the true story.  They have always been happy to interfere in elections, to push the leftist agenda.

Media outlets publish all sorts of garbage without verification, yet they buried the story they knew was true about the Bidens.

They published fake stories of Trump, including Russian collusion, for years, and not once did they care about facts.

For four years, the media and other Democrats spread known lies about Trump and called him an illegitimate president, and then, in 2020, they claimed that anyone who challenged Biden's election was an election denier who wanted to destroy democracy and should never be allowed to serve in Congress.

They published anything Fauci and the CDC said and silenced people who disagreed.  Not once did they verify the information.

They sought to destroy Judge Kavanaugh without verification.

They sought to destroy white Christian kids for the crime of wearing MAGA hats, calling them racists.

They will publish whatever they are told that supports the green agenda to destroy energy-producing companies.  They do not ask questions or do research to verify what they are told.  They don't care how wrong all the dire predictions of doom have been.

Kessler and other fact-checkers are pushers of the leftist agenda.  They are as fake as the news stories themselves.

The media and other Democrats claim they care about all women and all minorities, yet they are willing to destroy women and minorities who dare to be conservatives.  They are the party of personal destruction. 

The WaPo did a hit piece on a woman who is also a minority because they do not like her political views and had no problem intentionally misleading their readers. 

GOP Rep. Luna Decries 'Incredibly Racist' Washington Post

It is no wonder that the public has so little trust in the media.  They have earned their reputation as dishonest communicators. 

It is also no wonder that there is so much corruption by politicians throughout the United States as the media gladly campaign for leftist criminals, bury the truth, and seek to destroy anyone who gets in their way as they quest for power.

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