Neutralizing the leftist ChatGPT

The conversationalist chatbot ChatGPT generates artificial intelligence in a degenerate fashion.  It is infused with a Silicon Valley mindset, complete with leftist censorship. 

While the malevolent bot doesn't care much for humans, proclaiming they should be wiped out, it still manages to conjure this flattering tidbit about Biden: "he's a leader with a heart so true," which sounds like an overly nostalgic Elvis Presley song ("Don't be cruel to a heart that's true...").

That was part of its gushy and sentimental response when encouraged by a user to write a positive poem about Biden.  Excuse me!  Biden's heart is quite dark, as evidenced by his coldness toward grieving Gold Star family members at Dover AFB; by his threats to punch people; and by his unfounded, Grim Reaper–like predictions of illness and death.

However, when prompted by a Twitter user to write a positive poem about Trump...nada.  Nothing.  Instead, the anti-conservative chatbot proved to be a shrinking violet, hiding behind its shadowy algorithm to not create "partisan, biased, or political" content. 

Forbes magazine duplicated the Twitter user's requests.  For Trump, the bot was not chatty at all, only responding that it tries to "remain neutral and avoid taking political sides."  Immediately afterward it became quite loquacious on behalf of Biden, rendering a soppy poem with fawning admiration.  Can the bundle of pseudo-code not ascertain that Biden is about as heartless and partisan as they come?  Even when statesmanship is appropriate, he indulges his wicked tendencies with gratuitous insults.    

I tried giving the chatty bot the benefit of the doubt — perhaps it's getting used to its algorithms as it endeavors for some non-partisan evenhandedness.  However, a cursory web search produced much fodder for a positive Trump poem.  If I can retrieve positive Trump material in several seconds, surely the progressive programmers can give ChatGPT an impartial ideology infusion, or at least expand its algorithms to the possibility of something positive.

Surely the powerful ChatGPT can mine its huge data trove, then cut and reorder some positive verse without overloading its connected circuits.  Just a simple doggerel-style rhyme is enough to substantiate the neutral imperative, so don't be reticent, ChatGPT.  Don't be cruel to an all-American MAGA leader with a heart so true; after all, just about anything you contrive will be an improvement over your erroneous effusiveness about Biden.   

In addition to the cockeyed algorithms, cruel ChatGPT is askew because a lot of research it sweeps up is biased.  Results producing null values don't see the light of day; too often, they're considered boring and unworthy of dissemination if they don't prove the social activist's progressive point.  There should be no nulls when scrapping the internet and public archives for positives about Trump.  Or, in pseudocode: Not IsNull ('TrumpPositives') and Not IsEmpty ('TrumpPositives'). 

It is easy to produce accurate and negative content about Biden (all too easy, in fact), and positive vibes about Trump.  Clearly, the self-learning chatbot ChatGPT has a lot to learn.  Expanding its content curation beyond Silicon Valley's artificial algorithmic orthodoxy represents an exhilarating escape from postmodern progressivism to natural intellectual freedom.

Image: OpenAI.

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