Migrant hotels fatten Manhattan's real estate interests -- and crush its small businesses

Who says Democrats are the party of the little guy?

Turns out that Joe Biden's open borders, which has led to the creation of migrant hotels in central Manhattan, has been a money-spigot for the city's real estate interests -- and hammered the city's little-guy small businesses.

And take a wild guess as to which ones kick back campaign donations to Democrats.

According to Breitbart News:

Tens of thousands of migrants, bused from Texas, have stayed in 85 New York City hotels paid for by New Yorkers as Mayor Eric Adams (D) funnels taxpayer money to the city’s powerful real estate industry.

Since the spring of last year, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) and a couple of other governors have bused more than 45,000 migrants to New York City — a sanctuary jurisdiction that has long prided itself on shielding illegal aliens from arrest and deportation.

Days ago, Adams announced a new migrant hotel that the city will open another migrant hotel in Long Island City, Queens where the Wingate by Wyndham will make available 144 rooms to newly arrived border crossers, all paid for by New Yorkers.

For a tourist looking to stay at the Wingate, the average room costs nearly $600 a night.

Altogether, 85 hotels have been commissioned by Adams’ administration to house migrants in a massive shift of wealth from taxpayers directly to the city’s powerful real estate industry and new arrivals.

That's a nice bonanza for the real estate interests who own and operate these hotels, but what it's doing to the little guy running the small businesses in the area is another story.

According to the New York Post:

Owners and staff at Manhattan shops and restaurants told The Post that sales have plummeted — and jobs lost — since City Hall began forking over millions to house migrants in hotels.

“We 100% will have to cut shifts, and some people will lose their jobs over the next four weeks,” said Ana Ivkosic, owner of Cafe Wattle, which is located down the block from a 492-room Holiday Inn in the Financial District that began housing migrants earlier this month.

With well-heeled tourists replaced by penniless refugees from Venezuela, Peru, and Ecuador, revenue has plunged. Total sales for menu items like $2.50 cups of coffee and $10 acai bowls are down 75% some days. The cafe used to clear $2,000 on a good day in January but now might ring up only $500.

Which pretty well shows us what the end game seems to be for Joe Biden's open borders game.

By importing tens of thousands of indigent foreigners into the U.S., who otherwise would not be here, the Democrats' favorite constituency, the rich, are automatically bolstered, coming at the expense of the small fry. The migrants amount to perfect pawns through the funnel of city contracts because no expense is spared on migrants by the state and local governments. That cash goes to local real estate interests at full fare with no bulk discounts given to the city. All the same, it's draining the city coffers. But instead of cutting back on services for migrants as the money runs low, New York's Mayor Eric Adams is calling for federal funds to keep the payments to the big guys, and he may eventually get them.

As for the small business owners who rely on the tourist trade, well, tough luck. The migrants get free meals paid for by the city, in quantities so huge they reportedly waste tons of it daily. That doesn't matter to the big guys, who get paid up front.

But that largesse leaves the migrants in no need to use the local cafes and other businesses, which had been havens for full-price paying tourists formerly at the hotels before the migrant surge. They're not there now, because the migrants are there. Some of the migrants, in any case, are poor and can't afford them, some are spending what they have on booze and drugs, and some are out getting a little extra from flash-mobbing the local Nordstroms in a group robbery, as a group of them were caught doing recently, and yes, some had been housed in these big-dollar Manhattan hotels at the expense of the city.

What is one to make of this unfair economic set-up? It's obviously a wealth-transfer from the little guy to the big guy, same as happened during the COVID lockdowns, when the big box retailers were permitted to stay open, but the little retailers were shut down and told to apply for COVID relief, which many didn't get or got in quantities so small it was meaningless.

Now we have the migrant rackets, being used by Democrats to drive small businesses out of business and fatten big business, which will in the end benefit Democrat campaign donation coffers. That's one heck of a redistribution scheme, replayed again and again with only the little guy getting squeezed.

It's time to call it out now that the small businesses are onto it and at least some of the press is reporting it. It's a fundamentally unfair policy that benefits one sector at the expense of another, even as the public is being fed sob stories about single moms with kid with medical needs coming into the country illegally which only a heel could oppose.

Actually, migrants are big money and it turns out it's not just the Mexican cartels that are benefiting from it. A whole lot of other businesses are, too. The only losers are the small businesses and the taxpayers.

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