Massachusetts bill would allow prisoners to 'donate' their organs in exchange for freedom

There is a certain demographic that appears to be on an organized mission to show the rest of us just how immoral and backward its philosophies really are.

Most notably, these ideologues salivate over unfettered abortion, even to the point when the act becomes definable as "infanticide," and they continue to push the envelope regarding "transgender" sex-change mutilations of children, even prepubescent ones.

Think they can't possibly commoditize human life more?  Think again — the metaphorical "hold my beer" seems appropriate.  From an article published yesterday at

Newly proposed legislation would allow incarcerated people in Massachusetts to trade one precious commodity, donated organs, for another: Time.

website for the state's Legislature contains the full text of the bill and notes the four co-sponsors.  Coincidentally, the quartet falls on one side of the political aisle...the left.  Categorically exploiting those who have hit rock bottom?  It's only natural it would be a proposal of the Democrats!

One of the cosponsors, state representative Judith García, shared this image on her Twitter feed:

There are those "progressive" buzzwords with which we are all so familiar: "equity," "expand ... access and ... care," "bodily autonomy."  If you ask me, that all sounds exactly like the pro-murder rhetoric used to argue for liberal abortion policy.

Funny enough, though, even some of the most radical leftists found this proposal to be "appalling."  From the same report mentioned above:

However, the proposal has raised eyebrows — and questions — among ethicists and advocates for incarcerated peoples' rights.

'When I saw the bill, it just smacked as unethical and depraved. And the reason is because it is unethical to sell organs; it is unethical to incentivize the selling of organs for very, very good reasons,' said Michael Cox, executive director of the prison abolition organization Black and Pink Massachusetts, which supports LGBTQ+ and HIV+ people impacted by the criminal legal system.

He said the focus on incarcerated individuals was particularly shocking.

'They're a marginalized group in society, highly stigmatized and extremely vulnerable,' Cox said in an interview. 'And so to incentivize the selling of your body parts in exchange for the most precious commodity in the world — which is time on this earth, and your freedom — was just so appalling.' ...

Citing his own experience in the prison system, Cox explained that earning 'good time,' or credit-based early release, is difficult to do, as the demand for applicable programming far outpaces availability.

'So that's sort of why this bill is so criminal, because it's such a big incentive for people who find it very difficult to earn even a single day,' he said.

One Twitter user presciently noted:

Yeah this will in no way incentivize longer prison sentences in order to begin using prison as an organ production facility, definitely not[.]

The scheme sure does scream of ecological dystopian fiction come to life.  It reminds me of a fairly modern literary creation, Cloud Atlas, in which a futuristic government "recycles" human clones into food, or even the iconic Soylent Green.

What's most amazing to me, though, is that despite the overt echoes of nightmarish Orwellian societies, or even communist China, hordes of Americans will still vote for these whack jobs, even at their own peril.

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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