Making the punishment fit the crime

Recently, I have been accused of verbosity. We all know the punishment for this crime is a writer’s literary demise. However, for most other crimes, we can no longer name their punishments. This is an enticement to crime. We must fix this situation, and there is no better way than with very public consequences for COVID and vaccine lies.

What is the punishment for murder? For treason? Grand theft auto? No one knows! We have a better chance of knowing what will happen to the perp if we know his political party. Someone can sell out our country and still run for a second term as President if he is a Democrat, but a person who did a good job as President cannot run again if he is a Republican. Why?

In keeping with the promise I made to myself not to be verbose, I will tell the reader why in one word: “government-corruption”! (These two words flow right into each other making one word like “windmill” or “meatgrinder.”)

How did this situation arise? If an ordinary street criminal can escape prosecution, so can a member of the government. The government, therefore, supplies the mechanisms for avoiding punishment for everyone, including its personnel.

Once government inaction separates punishment from crime, things fall apart. A person can steal a car without fear of punishment. Then another person can steal a hubcap or a catalytic converter from that abandoned vehicle with complete immunity. Anyone can then buy that catalytic converter without worrying about whether it was stolen. Indeed, sometimes, state and local governments can collect sales taxes on the stolen item if it is resold in a quasi-legitimate auto parts store, making the government a party to the original theft. It’s corruption from start to finish! We need a “reset,” but how?

Image: Adolf Eichmann sentenced to death. Public domain.

The answer is implicit in the statement of the problem. Reinstate reliable punishment for crimes. Such a process should be re-enshrined in our system by the next government that can see the handwriting on the wall announcing its elimination if it does not take such action. The Covid-19 vaccine debacle is the perfect medium for reestablishing civil government. Never let a crisis go to waste!

If we can agree that certain important people—indeed, the most important people—knew the Covid-19 vaccine caused harm but covered up those findings while they benefited financially, they should be brought to trial in an international Nuremberg-style procedure and then publicly executed. This punishment is not unreasonable, given the number of deaths flowing from their actions.

We haven’t had real public executions in many decades, but the crime deserves this level of societal attention. Unfortunately, it might not be as effective as it should be, given that a night of television watching includes an average of 27 violent deaths. Indeed, if you watch the news on some evenings, that number can run into the thousands. But seeing people die whose names were in the public eye might be efficacious in reasserting clean government, not unlike the deaths of Mussolini, Ceausescu, or Eichmann.

We will need some new crime-punishment combinations. Those who knew or should have known about the deleterious effects of the vaccine should signify their repentance by donating a year of their lives to cleaning up the mess they made. Yes, cowardice is worthy of punishment to prevent creeping pandemic chaos. Alternatively, they can donate a year’s salary to fund that effort. However, most government employees are easily replaceable (including Ph.D. and MD degree holders), so they would have to donate their time, not their money. Details here are of some importance because the crime-punishment nexus must be reestablished de novo, given our current state of decrepitude.

That’s it! Reestablish the connection between crime and punishment to regain the people’s trust in their government. The theory is correct. Nonetheless, going about implementing it may present a few problems, all of which are worth overcoming.

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