Kristina Karamo becomes Michigan's first Black GOP Chair, and media mockery ensues

Elected by her peers, a Black conservative made history and just became the chair of the Michigan Republican Party; no doubt, mainstream media outlets all received the same list of talking points, because the negative headlines and articles are so similar. Kristina Karamo is a “far-right election denier”:

These articles could have been written by rudimentary AI, since the people pretending to be reporters clearly didn’t do their own research before writing the articles.

From The Washington Post: "Far Right Election Denier beats Trump’s pick for Michigan GOP".

From CNN: "Michigan election denier who has yet to concede her 2022 loss will chair state GOP".

From Associated Press: "Election conspiracist to lead Michigan GOP through 2024".

Contrast that with a Black man who is far-left and is himself, an “election denier” — Hakeem Jeffries, the current minority leader in the House, denied that Trump was a legitimate President for years. Conveniently, the media talking heads didn’t find Jeffries’s denial as offensive.

Instead of being called a far-left election denier, he is celebrated.

Also from Associated Press: "Jeffries wins historic bid to lead House Dems after Pelosi".

From CBS News: "Hakeem Jeffries elected House Democrat leader in historic first".

From Reuters: "U.S. House Democrats elect Hakeem Jeffries as first Black party leader".

The media and other Democrats never cared about election deniers when they challenged Bush or Trump post-election, and they don’t care now. The only reason they bring it up is to destroy Republicans in the court of public opinion.

The media and other Democrats always pretend we should respect women and minorities, yet are the greatest offenders of sexism and racism. Bill Clinton’s bedpost notches…. Jim Crow laws…. “Then you ain’t Black!”.... I see a pattern.

Karamo is a Black woman, so based on the identity politics of the leftist media, that alone should warrant glowing praise — the leftist media degrades her with mockery.

The media labels America First Republicans like Karamo as “far-right.” Yet, coincidentally, they never go deeper, and describe which policies they find so anarchist — because that’s on the far-right end of the spectrum, right?

So which ones are they?

Supporting a smaller government with fewer regulations and lower taxes? The public generally supports this.

Supporting energy independence including using coal and oil? 

Allowing people freedom of choice on what kind of cars to buy and how to heat and cool their homes?

Supporting limits on abortion as most of the world does? Killing babies during all stages of pregnancy and fighting legislation to provide medical care to babies who survive botched abortions is not far right, it’s actually far left.

Requiring citizenship and a legal identification to vote in elections?

Enforcing existing immigration laws? 

Locking up career criminals?

Preventing men and boys from competing with women and exposing themselves in female facilities?

Standing against sexual mutilation of children?

Advocating for all children, regardless of social class or skin color, to be able to attend the school of their choice?

Most of the above policies are very popular, yet politicians who support those policies are called far-right by the media to intentionally mislead the public.

There is also nothing “far-right” about challenging elections with obvious discrepancies, or all the Democrats who have challenged elections in the past would be called far-right.

The media is clearly not concerned with honest journalism, and its flagrant bias proves it.

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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