KJP's latest train wreck: Can't explain NORAD and calls our cold neighbor to the north 'Canadia'

Conventional wisdom has it that Karine Jean-Pierre owes her position as Biden's press secretary to affirmative action.  She is black, female, and lesbian, all of which make her a "pioneer" and a shatterer of "glass ceilings."

But maybe, just maybe, she is put out in front of the public to normalize the sort of incoherence we get from her boss on a regular basis.  The theory may be that people will get used to hearing words mangled and used to incoherence.

Those qualities were on display yesterday when KJP went on MSNBC to be interviewed by Jonathan Capehart of the Washington Post (D-Bezos).  Transcript via Grabien:

CAPEHART: "Why is — why is the American military shooting something out of a sky over Canada?"
JEAN-PIERRE: "Because it is part of NORAD, there is — NORAD is part of like a — part of — it's what you call a coalition."
CAPEHART: "A consortium."
JEAN-PIERRE: " — a consortium — "
CAPEHART: "A pact of nations."
JEAN-PIERRE: "A pact, exactly. So that's why we were able to do it. Again, we didn't do it on our own, we did it in — in — clearly in step with Canadia — Canada."

At least she knew enough to correct herself.

Photo credit: Grabien screen grab.

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