Joe Biden’s top Afghanistan envoy slammed for suggesting Afghan women may need 'Black Girl Magic'

Since the day Joe Biden was inaugurated on Jan. 20, 2021, catastrophe has become his middle name.

Biden has achieved that which is considered almost impossible in current times: the seemingly unattainable achievement of consistency.

Unfortunately for Americans, Biden’s consistency happens to be of the most undesired variety.

On any given day, the Harris-Biden administration has either breached uncharted territory with their display of incompetence, their disregard for the Constitution, their propensity toward authoritarianism or their display of insensitivity. 

The least you would expect for such individuals with respectable experience and education is to get their communication right.

No such luck!

Sometimes it is Biden who struggles to remember elementary facts or words.

Biden’s Vice President Kamala Harris deserves to be held in contempt by the UN for engaging in brutal violations of the English tongue and insensitively breaking into poorly timed titter over her linguistic crimes.

Then there is Biden’s press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre who cannot even remember the name of the U.S.’s immediate neighbor.

Clearly inspired by her superiors, Karen Decker, an acting envoy who is Biden's top-ranking U.S. diplomat assigned to Afghanistan, took to Twitter to explain to the Taliban-controlled Afghan people the importance of Black History Month.

This resulted in a series of condescending and deranged tweets earning Decker revulsion and ridicule from all.

The tweets were deleted but the screenshots remain.



It's chirpy, condescending, and clearly evidence that she doesn't think about Afghanistan very much.

Before we look at Decker's nuggets of wisdom, a brief recap of the situation in Afghanistan following Biden’s catastrophic withdrawal.

The killing of al-Qaida chief, Ayman al-Zawahiri, via a drone strike in the Afghan capital of Kabul, proves that various terror organizations have made that country their haven. Perhaps they are training and planning their next terror attack on the civilized world.

Minorities are under attack there and human rights violations are a common occurrence.

Women have faced the brunt of the brutal Taliban regime. They face an uphill battle to maintain their basic human rights.

The Taliban has banned women and girls from attending universities, barring them from receiving secondary education among various other restrictions. They are also banned from going to work to earn a living.

A university professor in Afghanistan who is an outspoken critic of the Taliban's ban on education for women and girls was arrested in Kabul.

Afghanistan’s fragile economy is on the verge of a total collapse. Inflation is sky-high while millions remain unemployed and close to starvation. The dire humanitarian emergency has been exacerbated by a punishing winter.

When the situation is so dire, the least you expect from a top diplomat is empathy. If not sensitivity, at least a dignified silence.

But not Karen Decker!

As noted above, the following is what she actually tweeted on Feb. 12:

“Abe Lincoln born today in 1809. He did some stuff. It’s also NAACP Day – home of grassroots activism, inclusive communities, and making sure Black voices are heard. What does that look like for Afghans struggling to be heard?”

This is the kind of verbal feat that we thought only Kamala Harris, addressing adults as kindergarteners, is capable of.

Decker continued the next day on Feb. 13, tweeting the following:

“Super Bowl LVII. Two elite quarterbacks who happen to be Black made history in epic showdown. Congrats to Chiefs for thrilling victory! Afghans – what’s the most exciting sports match you remember?”

All she needed to add was "boys and girls" if such phrases were still permitted.

In the most deranged tweet in the series, Decker sought to familiarize Afghan women and girls with an alleged “movement” she referred to as “Black Girl Magic.”

“Are Afghans familiar with #BlackGirlMagic and the movement it inspired? Do Afghan girls need a similar movement? What about Afghan Women? Teach me, ready, to learn. #BlackHistoryMonth,” Decker tweeted on February 15, tagging black pop star Lizzo and actress Regina King.

Decker continued her Black History Month theme in a Feb 18 tweet, asking: 

“Who is Afghanistan’s MLK? What Afghan person, driven by their faith, and their desire for peace can lead the Afghan people to the mountaintop?”

As if peaceful protest were 'a thing' in a country run by Stone Age barbarians. Decker’s tweets were blasted for being insensitive to the Afghan people as they endure this oppression under Taliban rule.













Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas), called that tweet an "embarrassment." ... "And a perfect example of the Biden Administration prioritizing wokeness over competence.”

The State Department also distanced itself from Decker’s remarks. 

During a press briefing, State Department spokesman Ned Price said the Tweets had not been cleared with the State Department.

“The messaging in this context is rather inappropriate and ineffective.”

Decker apologized for the controversy in a tweet on Thursday afternoon.

But the apology wasn’t unconditional, she still claims to have ‘best intentions’. She also added the condition that the apology was meant for those ‘whom she may have offended or hurt.’



So why do these Democrats lack even the basic empathy or understanding of the hardships of regular people?. 

Even a casual consumer of the news knows of the suffering of the Afghan people. They would understand that when their existence is in peril, the celebration of symbolic months or sports or for that matter any celebration is out of the question.  

Most people know not to mention luxuries before those who cannot afford them or who do not have to facility to avail of them. 

Yet the top diplomat who must be regularly briefed about various crises in Afghanistan and about the ground realities in that troubled country didn't only think of these deranged ideas but also expressed them. You would think she would know that most people in Afghanistan don’t speak or read English or have access to social media. You would think the words emanating from a top U.S. envoy from any country will be vetted. This was ignorance coupled with insensitivity.

Clearly, the inmates are running the asylum.

What is ironic is that the whole point of having these months dedicated to minority groups is to spread empathy and understanding, but Decker displayed her lack of empathy in her attempt to celebrate them.

Perhaps the whole purpose of the charade of these various months is to conceal their lack of empathy and contempt for the suffering of regular people.

These months provide an easy way out. 

They don't have to strive to serve people who belong to these minority groups.

For instance, fixing the economy will result in jobs for everyone including people from minority groups. Training and empowering law enforcement in black neighborhoods will make African-Americans safer. Improving the educational system will help everyone, including minorities.

But that requires time and effort and skills of governance. Instead, they post inanities on social media with the right hashtags and attend events, give speeches, and move on. 

Some day they go too far and they are humiliated like Biden's Afghan envoy who was merely virtue-signaling but lacked the self-awareness to see how insensitive she appeared.

Despite this, Decker seems to insist that her heart was in the right place. Since she is working in a Democrat administration there will be no consequences for her recklessness.

The Democrats have trivialized everything by prioritizing style over substance and exhibition over excellence.

This insanity has to stop. 

Image: Twitter screen shot

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