Joe Biden takes Nicaraguan dictator's dissidents off his hands for him

For communists, such as Nicaragua's "little dictator," Daniel Ortega, there's nothing like having a yanqui imperialista friend up in el norte to help out with the old consolidation of power.

Which brings us to Joe Biden, whose open borders and lax asylum laws provided just that perfect window of opportunity for the thug running the battered Central American country to get his nation's bothersome protestors out of his hair.

According to the New York Times:

The government of Nicaragua has stripped more than 300 political opponents of their citizenship over the past week, in another sign that the country’s authoritarian president has no intention of easing his grip at home despite a deal, completed days earlier, that freed hundreds of political prisoners and sent them to the United States.

An appeals court justice announced the latest move, to revoke the citizenship of 94 people, on Wednesday, just after the government did the same to the 222 people who were sent to the United States last week.

Though Washington had welcomed last week’s prisoner release, officials in the Biden administration condemned the Nicaraguan government’s latest moves.

Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken, in a statement, called the stripping of citizenship “another step backward for the Nicaraguan people and a further step toward solidifying an autocratic regime.”

For years, President Daniel Ortega has methodically crushed dissent, cracking down violently on protesters, undermining democratic institutions and making sweeping arrests.
Ortega pulled a fast one on Biden, who, instead of offering something to strike fear into his dictatorly heart in response to his vile and nasty dictatorship, helpfully extended the gates of U.S. asylum to all of Ortega's jailed political prisoners, taking them off his hands.
No protestors, no problemo. That was convenient -- for Ortega, at least, at least as convenient as the Cuban Castro regime and the Venezuelan Maduro regime emptying their prisons of their worst criminals and sending them on their way up to el norte's open border, where the Biden administration has gladly released hundreds of thousands of such entrants into the interior of the country without so much as a court date. 
And sure enough, the Biden administration naively "welcomed" Ortega's means of leveraging that open-borders policy for his own benefit, too.
Ortega, who knew what he was doing, releasing the prisoners and then doing something Joe didn't suspect would happen: He pulled up the drawbridge, yanking the Nicarguan citizenship of the released prisoners so that they can never legally come back to challenge him -- and so that America would have them forever and ever, unable to deport any who might turn out to be not such brave freedom fighters but perhaps criminals instead, a la Venezuela and Cuba. It's likely that most were true dissidents and authentic candidates for asylum, unlike most illegal border crossers, and we know they didn't ask to come here, but don't expect any purity from Ortega, whose guile and hatred for the U.S. is bottomless. Who knows who he really sent?
Gotcha, Joe!
There's no fool like an old fool. And Dan, the designer-sunglass-loving little creep the great Ronald Reagan once branded "the little dictator," got what he wanted from Joe.
While that certainly makes a busy dictator's life easier, it's another cost and expense for America's taxpayers, who get stuck with the bill to ensure that Ortega gets to entrench himself into power with no backtalk from dissidents.
It's an artificial propping up of the Ortega regime, now that it has no dissidents to stir up trouble as he systemically runs his country into the ground. There's nothing like oppressing without a dissident to protest it.
Ortega could see that Biden was no Ronald Reagan, whose response to his shambling and corrupt communist regime was to fund the Contra War and rain hell on Ortega at the United Nations, bestowing upon the designer-sunglass-loving thug the famous monicker "the little dictator."
Biden, by contrast, is a dotard so stupid Ortega had no trouble leaving him holding the bag.
It has significant implications for freedom movements abroad, now that word is out to the world's dictators that Joe encourages the dumping of dissidents into America so that communist dictatorships can flourish without them. Does that sound like a smart move for America, that Ortega can demonstrate for all dictators that Joe is there to take the domestic "pressure valve" off for them?
It actually portends some ugly stuff as dictator after dictator can see that it's a wide-open field for getting away with election fraud, internal repression, expropriation, and every other act that impoverishes and renders unsustainable a sovereign state with no consequences whatsoever. Protestors can simply be jailed and expelled to America now, with their citizenship pulled, meaning, no refunds. Joe's there to help. 
If you're a brave dissident who refuses to leave the country, as a prominent Nicaraguan bishop, Rolando Alvarez did, woe unto you, because not only are you the only thing standing between Ortega's total consolidation of power and the increasingly debilitated and depopulated democracy movement, your punishment will be that much harsher. Alvarez, who refused to board the plane to the U.S., was handed down a prison sentence of 26 years for his impertinence.
Joe Biden can pat himself on the back for that one, too. The brave bishop facing the goons alone is paying the price thanks to Joe.
This is astonishingly mishandled diplomacy. Ortega deserves no favors, no goodwill gestures, and no U.S. enabling. He deserves only hell from us -- of the kind the great Ronald Reagan gave him, the kind that by 1990 actually got Ortega thrown from power. 
Instead, he's got a feckless gringo pal in Joe.

Image: Cancillería Ecuador, via Wikimedia Commons // CC BY-SA 2.0

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