Is this how we can expect Biden to handle environmental disasters in red states?

There is no doubt that the Biden White House, transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg, and the leftist media sycophants want nothing more than for the train derailment in East Palestine to disappear.

Initially, almost no attention was paid to the disaster on February 3, which by all accounts created a hellish, toxic chemical landscape for the residents of the small town in northeastern Ohio.  The White House minions did their utmost best to ignore the crisis.  Was it bad timing on the part of the doomed train, the weak response of the glaringly incompetent Pete Buttigieg, or perhaps is something much more nefarious at play?  

Without question, the train derailment catastrophe in Ohio interfered with the aggrandizement of Joe Biden's visit to Ukraine on February 20.  According to the NPR curated script, the president's visit to the conflict-torn country was not only historic, but audacious.  Biden's unannounced visit, disregarding the fact that the Russian government was notified in advance of the president's flight plans, was well planned.  In fact, the trip was a completely staged event to prop up and facilitate the war effort of the beleaguered Ukrainian president.  The Biden White House was relying upon the optics of his surprise visit; therefore, the Norfolk Southern train catastrophe in East Palestine had to be sidelined for 17 days in order not to derail Biden's grandiose gesture of dropping yet another multi-million-dollar money bomb on Ukraine.  Despite the fact the 4,000-plus residents of East Palestine are the unfortunate victims of the toxic chemical spill, apparently, Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg felt that immediately addressing the here and now was not necessary.

While Joe Biden has yet to appear in East Palestine, Pete Buttigieg finally arrived on scene in the early morning hours of February 23, nearly three weeks after the accident.  It didn't go well.  After surveying the area of the accident, he took questions from reporters.  Asked if he had waited too long to speak about the train derailment, he responded by acknowledging that "letting a week and a half go by before tweeting about the train derailment was too long."  He then told reporters he had "tried to balance his desire to get involved with the norm of transportation secretaries."

Adding further insult, it's not out of the realm of possibility that, having been advised on the combination of toxic chemicals in the air, in the water, and on the ground in East Palestine, Mayor Pete waited for the contaminants to sufficiently dissipate to be considered relatively safe for his short visit.  Sadly, the residents of East Palestine will suffer the aftermath long after Mayor Pete's visit.  There will never be enough money raised, nor awarded in future legal settlements, to compensate the people of East Palestine for what no doubt will be decades of unspeakable illness and suffering.

Finally, it hasn't gone unnoticed that the majority of residents of East Palestine, Ohio are overwhelmingly Trump-supporters.  On cue, Joy Behar of the daytime television show The View suggested that the residents of East Palestine "got what they deserved" because they supported Trump.  Joy Behar's lack of empathy and compassion for her fellow human beings is par for the course; she routinely exploits her television platform, spewing hateful rhetoric.

With that said, it's also been suggested that the Biden administration's lack of immediate response to the train derailment in East Palestine may be tied to the fact that the state of Ohio is a Republican stronghold as of the midterm elections in 2022.  The Executive Branch in the state comprises Republicans, and the newly elected Ohio senator, J.D. Vance, is a Republican as well and an outspoken critic of Joe Biden.  The Ohio state House and Senate are under Republican control, and of the fifteen Congressional Districts in Ohio, ten seats are held by Republicans.

Is the toxic chemical train derailment in East Palestine a portent regarding the Biden administration's response to natural or man-made disasters in Republican-held regions of the country?  And is the lack of immediate response by the president, including the feeble excuses offered up by his transportation secretary about finding "balance," is code speak for "we'll get around it to eventually and when it's convenient to do so"?  Instead of lobbing baseless claims at Donald Trump for the train derailment, Pete Buttigieg and his absentee boss ought to man up and thank the Trump team for donating water, food, and supplies, and more importantly the much-needed support for the residents of East Palestine.

Image: Pete Buttigieg.  Credit: Edward Kimmel via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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