In New York City, migrants become a hot potato, passed to Canada

For all of New York Mayor Eric Adams's whining about migrants rolling into his sanctuary city, inflicting unbearable costs onto taxpayers, he's quietly decided to play the same game the Texas border cities are playing. He's sending the migrants to someplace else.

According to the New York Post:

Disgruntled migrants fed up with the Big Apple’s crime and grime are taking off to the Great White North — on bus rides paid for by New York taxpayers, The Post has learned.

National Guard soldiers have been helping distribute tickets at the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan to migrants who want to head upstate before crossing into Canada, several migrants said.

Venezuelan native Raymond Peña and his family arrived at a gas station bus stop in Plattsburgh, NY — about 20 miles south of the Canadian border — at 4 a.m. Sunday.

“The military gave me and my family free bus tickets,” Peña said. “I am going to Canada for a better quality of life for my family.”

A National Guard source confirmed that soldiers at the bus terminal were directing migrants to workers who hand out the free tickets.

Mayor Eric Adams’ administration pays various companies that run programs for migrants that include “re-ticketing” so they can travel to other cities, a City Hall source said.

So Canada's the new destination of choice for the much-passed-around migrants. 

New York City, following an absurd money-is-no-object policy of free housing for all who ask for it, found it couldn't give migrants the kind of housing to which they were accustomed, when it rescinded its free Times Square hotel rooms to single male migrants trashing the joints there, and tried to move them into communal housing in "faraway" western Brooklyn, complete with three hots and a cot, plus free transportation to Manhattan. That was nothing compared to the room service and free laundry they were getting in central Manhattan on a prime real estate location, so after a period of protests and squatting in the New York winter, they are now looking for greener pastures, with New York City confident that Canada will hand it out.

What's obvious here is that these aren't refugees, let alone asylum seekers, fleeing persecution from their governments. These are openly out there migrants seeking a better life for themselves, with bureaucracy after bureaucracy, as well as extranational cartels, enabling them in their job searches.

 “I am going to Canada for a better quality of life for my family.”

But the fiction remains that they are legitimate asylum seekers just looking for refuge instead of country-shopping migrants in search of the biggest package of free stuff

Preservation of that fiction has led to even the blue cities now passing them on to the next unsuspecting nation like an unwanted hot potato.

When Canada gets a bellyful of them and their penchant for trashing the joints, commiting crimes, and making new demands for free stuff (all of which have been reported by the Post), the migrants will then likely be passed on to another country at government expense.

In the end, the migrants will then effectively become to use an unfortunate comparison, like the famous Long Island garbage barge of 1987 that never quite could find a home.

Sound humane? Only to a leftist leader who considers the far more humane 'deportation' a dirty word.

Some hard facts now: People who go to other people's countries without authorization are illegal aliens. The only thing a free society owes illegal aliens is a deportation flight back, and maybe some prison time first as is done in Singapore. Countries like Singapore don't lie about what is happening -- they put out a credible message that they won't tolerate this infringement on their sovereignty, they insist that all migrants be legally present and they exact a price on those who ignore them.

The U.S., Canada, and others persist in maintaining the fiction that these are refugees and asylum seekers and in New York, that they have an unwritten obligation to "help" them.

Now they've created a free-for-all at the border with migrants passed from place to place in a merry-go-round nightmare that goes on and on.

The sooner facts are recognized in what is happening here, the sooner it stops. But these blue cities seem to like this sort of thing and don't mind giving migrants the 'garbage barge; treatment, even as they insist that Americans who prefer a law-based migration system are the inhumane ones.

Image: Pixabay / Pixabay License

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