Habitual liars: Democrats and the media blame Trump for Ohio train carnage

A disastrous chemical spill occurs in East Palestine, Ohio, and Biden and Mayor Pete don't say a word or visit for weeks.  Shouldn't the media stop pretending Biden is empathetic?

(Had the event involved a firearm, you know they would have been on site in less than 24 hours to exploit the tragedy as a means to a political end.)

After three weeks, President Trump shows up, and the media go into protection mode, blaming him for the carnage, asserting that his "deregulations" were to blame...even though his rule-cutting had nothing to do with the cause of the wreck.  Yet, even if Trump's policies were to blame, wouldn't that be all the more reason for Biden and Mayor Pete to go?  I mean, they sure love to blame Trump for everything.  If Trump actually undid crucial safety regulations, shouldn't Biden and Mayor Pete have reinstated the measures?

This article in Politico shows the deplorable priorities of a significant majority of journalists.  They clearly care more about covering up for Biden's incompetence and inaction than they do about the people suffering from the chemical spill.  See below: 

Trump's visit to Ohio derailment gives Biden's team some breathing room: His planned appearance near the scene of this month's toxic derailment has Democrats pointing to his past efforts to roll back train and chemical regulations.

You know who doesn't have any breathing room?  The American public, the electorate — yeah, remember those people?  We're crushed under the weight of Biden's big and incompetent government as the media lapdogs run cover.

Biden inherits a fairly secure border, and on the first day in office, he essentially opens it up.  Illegals flow in, and Biden and others blame Trump for a broken immigration system.  Biden, Harris, and others don't care about all the deaths, destruction, and crime that their policies have caused.  Biden makes one photo-op visit to the border after the streets have been cleared.  That is it.

Biden inherits a rapidly growing economy and extremely low inflation and immediately spends massive amounts of money and sets out to destroy energy companies that produce reliable, efficient, and affordable energy...and prices soar.  The poor and middle classes and others are greatly harmed as their spending power is destroyed.  Biden blames Trump for a bad economy and the high inflation and the media cheer about how great Biden's policies have been because they don't care about the truth.

Biden screws up the withdrawal from Afghanistan but brags about how great it was and blames Trump for anything that went wrong. 

China sends a spy balloon across the U.S., and the Biden administration watches it for days as it traverses over sensitive military sites, and then they shoot it down.  They divert bad press by claiming that balloons were here during Trump, too.  (Strange — I don't recall any Balloongate stories?)  The media cheer that the Biden administration handled this perfectly because facts don't matter.

Domestic terrorists attack pro-life centers throughout the country, and the Biden administration and media essentially look the other way.  They don't care that soft-on-crime district attorneys have been elected (with the massive support of George Soros), and crime has soared.  Where is the empathy for the public?  They love lawlessness.  But the DOJ prioritizes arresting peaceful pro-life protesters, and the media continues to pretend that Garland's DOJ is non-political.

The WHO, the CDC, Fauci, and others continually lied during COVID.  We were told all the dictatorial edicts were based on science, but that wasn't true.  There was never any science to support universal masking, a six-foot separation, or closing of schools and small businesses, but the media didn't care.  They set out to shut up anyone who disagreed.  Now Biden seems to be working with the WHO to put them in charge of the next pandemic. 

Kids in Illinois, Baltimore, and elsewhere (common denominator is Democrat policy) can't read or do math at grade level, and the solution is universal pre-K and massive amounts of additional monies for public schools.  Here's a novel concept: work on teaching the basics instead of pronouns, and stop indoctrinating kids to believe the U.S. is a racist country and that we are destroying the planet.  Instead of going for excellence and results, Democrats are working on "equity."  Equity to Democrats seems to be dumbing everyone down as they close advanced classes.

If the Democrats truly cared about poor and minority kids, they would support vouchers for private schools.  They clearly care more about their political supporters than the children.

No matter how cold and snowy Buffalo, Minnesota, the Dakotas, Utah, Nevada, and California have been, the talking points remain the same.  We are told that natural resource consumption causes warming and is an existential threat to the climate.

The Biden family takes kickbacks from around the world — including and most relevantly Ukraine.  On video, Biden threatened to hold a billion dollars of taxpayer money hostage if Ukrainian leadership didn't fire a prosecutor looking into corruption of a company paying Hunter Biden over a million dollars a year for a no-show job.  Instead of the media and other Democrats caring about corruption, they impeach Trump for doing his job to look into the corruption.

And the media cheer about how great a president Biden is while they seek to destroy Trump, DeSantis, Haley, and any other Republican, us included, who gets in their way.

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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