GOP food fight: Trump vs. Christie

Former governor Chris Christie (R-N.J.) has gone from a loyal Trump ally to a Trump critic.  He has emerged in the media as one of the "go-to Republicans" when it comes to criticism of the former president.

On ABC's The Week, the former governor said there is no chance Trump could win the general election.

"I've said, over and over again, that he can't win a general election," Christie said.

"That's based upon the polling that I was privy to pre–the 2020 election, and what we saw actually happen in the 2020 election.  And it's only gotten worse since then," he added, with losses among several high-profile candidates whom Trump endorsed in 2022.

Christie was asked whether he felt Trump could defeat Biden in 2024.

In response, he said, "I don't think so."

However, according to a Washington Post–ABC News poll, approximately 50% of registered voters would feel "positive" if the former president won the 2024 election.

Moreover, over 60% of registered voters indicated they felt "negative" toward President Joe Biden's hypothetical re-election.

Additionally, on social media, Trump and Christie shared a war of words.

On Truth Social, the former president shared his thoughts about "sloppy" Chris Christie.

"Sloppy Chris Christie, the failed former Governor of New Jersey, spent almost his entire last year in office campaigning in New Hampshire for the Republican Nomination for President.  Much like his term in office, where he left with an Approval Rating of just 9%, his Presidential campaign was a complete disaster," Trump said.

"He endorsed me the following day, later recommended Chris Wray for the FBI (how did that work out?), went down in flames, and then was SALVAGED by ABC FAKE NEWS. I never wanted him!" he added.

In response, Christie said that the former president's remarks were "lies" and that he was the target of Trump's new "tantrum."

It is possible that Chris Christie is planning a 2024 presidential run against the former president.  In October 2022, the former governor said he was considering one.

If Christie runs, he will be the second Republican to challenge Donald Trump.

Image: Chris Christie.  Credit: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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