Feminism 2023 is all about doublethink and 'doing whatever you wanna do' sans judgment

Wave after wave of feminism, and things are only getting more immoral, more unequal, and more discombobulated.  What does that say about leftist women?  Frankly, not a lot.

Apparently, the emergence of COVID-19 ushered in "Fifth Wave" feminism.  This is how one feminazi academic describes the evolution:

Each [previous] wave identified women as the 'victims', fighting to smash the patriarchy.

But in 2020, the 'common enemy' is not just elitist politicians, not entitled Hollywood movie producers, not even white-middle class women who ignore intersectionality. This new 'enemy' is not even human. It's a virus.

And this time, women are the 'solutions', fighting to change the world.

(Coincidentally, right around 2020 is when things seemed to really go downhill.)

Now, if you will, please watch the clip below:

The man you see in the clip is Brian Atlas, the host of the "whatever.com" show.  Atlas often features over-the-top pranks/social experiments, and his recorded discussions focus on controversial political issues with a no-holds-barred attitude.

First of all, the woman in the clip announces that her contradictory ideology — believing in "gender equality" while simultaneously holding to the idea that a man should embrace traditional differences and pay on the first date — is just her "personal view," but no, no, it's not.  Leftist feminists across the board subscribe to the same ridiculous doublethink, and this exhibits the greater problem.  If this woman with her ludicrous and undeveloped ideas were an anomaly, the world wouldn't be burning, but it is.  Leftist women as a whole consider themselves the "solutions" — but where's the hard evidence?  We have CRT in class and terrible race relations, disturbing and pornographic sexual material in schools and public libraries, mothers bringing their babies to watch men dance in drag.  The items mentioned compose an abbreviated list, and they're not the result of rectification; rather, they're new and worse problems than any issue in recent history.

Secondly, the woman describes feminism as "just doing whatever you wanna do and not being bashed by society for that, and uh, obviously like, like, um, standing up for like, women's like, rights and stuff like that."

"Doing whatever you wanna do and not being bashed by society," said every pedophile ever.

As you can see above, Atlas does nothing more than apply a slight bit of pressure and allows the woman's mouth to run wild.  He does not appeal to her from a position of logic and reasoning, delving into conservative apologetics.  He simply notes a contradiction and asks for an explanation.  In particular, I gleaned from that observation, and it's that the Socratic Method remains the best way to inspire critical thought.  What I see in the clip above is this: Atlas does nothing more than ask the young woman to explain his perceived — correctly, mind you — contradiction.  As she begins to work through it, she's getting emotional and flustered...but why?  Well, because the light bulb clicked on, and she's seeing how silly her opinions are.

Now, this isn't to say she'll leave the conversation a thinking conservative, but at least she's beginning to think — and inevitably, thoughtful ruminations lead to the development of a conservative worldview.

Image: TikTok video screen shot.

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