Eugenics and commoditized humanity make an appearance at a Missouri middle school

The Third Reich remains one of the most notorious governments of the 20th Century, and given the coincidental parallels to contemporary ideologues, its crimes are referenced frequently: the coerced participation in clinical trials of the Covid-19 drug remind us of Mengele’s human experimentation and evoke the Nuremberg Trials; and murdering disabled children before birth through abortion is no different than murdering them after birth as the Nazis did. Eugenics played a central role in the Nazi regime, as it does with the Democrat party of today.

I thought the global community committed to “Never Again”?

It hasn’t even been 80 years — but apparently “progressive” activists remaking society into a communist hellscape possess neither a long-term, nor a short-term memory.

From a story authored by managing editor Josh Mann, and published yesterday at The Lion:

Students in a Missouri middle school were given a genetics assignment suggesting traits such as ‘skinny,’ blond hair and gray or blue eyes are the most valuable.

Well, well, well, sounds pretty Aryan if you ask me.

Mann continued:

The assignment is called ‘designer baby’ and is intended to teach students about the use of technology to alter genetics in organisms.

In the assignment, each student receives a worksheet representing a ‘baby’ with a list of genetic traits such as gender, eye and hair color, intelligence and weight, as well as a genetic disorder. Under the baby’s given genetic traits are one or more alternatives that can be selected, but at a cost. Students are allowed varying but limited amounts of money to make alterations.

Image courtesy of Jennifer Bishop via Josh Mann at The Lion

The curriculum was not shared with parents, but rather discovered by providence: mother Jennifer Bishop’s eighth-grade student missed part of the class, and was given the assignment to complete at home. As Mann notes, the price sheet to design the baby is “particularly alarming”, and writes this:

The cost sheet astonishingly values genetic characteristics such as blue eyes ($500) and blond hair ($1,000) more than brown eyes ($200) and black hair ($800) or brunette hair ($200).

Then there is the frightening list of 17 genetic disorders, which are described in detail on a separate page. A disorder can be ‘removed,’ most of them at great expense and sometimes beyond what a student can ‘afford,’ which is designed to create an ethical dilemma and prompt classroom discussion.

Image courtesy of Jennifer Bishop via Josh Mann at The Lion

Hmm… now where do you see this going? According to Bishop, abortion doesn’t yet appear to be an option to address these “problem” children, but does it seem like much of a stretch? Furthermore, if we are to take a cue from historical precedent, eugenics agendas don’t only affect preborn humans, but rather everyone. Everyone is in the crosshairs as soon as human life is devalued to being a mere commodity. It doesn’t stop at abortion, but continues with genocide.

Indoctrinating impressionable minds to view the birth of children as transactional, weighing the creation of a unique life as a cost-benefit analysis is dystopian; or, simply repetitive.

Per Mann, Bishop said:

I feel like the school has pushed us [parents] out… they’re making decisions for our kids without us being aware of them.

That’s weird... almost makes me think of the Young Folk, or the Hitler Youth....

An excerpt from the Holocaust Encyclopedia reads, “Millions of German young people were won over to Nazism in the classroom….” Sound familiar?

Image: Ludwig Hohlwein, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons, unaltered.

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