Embarrassing theatrics on the floor of the House of Representatives

If anything points to the extreme hypocrisy of the left, it is the left's reaction to the new GOP-led House's removal of Schiff, Swalwell, and the absurdly bigoted Ilhan Omar from their Judiciary and Foreign Affairs Committees.  Pelosi did such things routinely, and there were no tantrums by any Republicans.  There should have been some resistance, but there wasn't.

Republicans rarely stand up for their own.  But now that the Democrats have suffered the same consequences for far better reasons than Pelosi had to kick, for example, Marjorie Taylor Greene off any and all committees, several of them behaved so badly, so childishly, on the floor of the House that one would think they were in middle school and had never been taught how to comport oneself in official, public situations.  The "Squad" — AOC, Tlaib, Cori Bush, and Omar herself — thoroughly embarrassed themselves.  Most likely, each of them practiced her faux outrage in front of a mirror and the others.  They are embarrassments to Congress.

Here is Rep. Tlaib having a meltdown on the House floor:


Adam Schiff should have long ago been expelled for his lying, manipulating, and leaking of fake news.  He early on took the lead in spreading the biggest hoax in American history: that Trump had colluded with Russia to win the election.  Over and over again, he went before the oh, so gullible news cameras to avow that he had seen evidence of Trump's malfeasance.  Each and every word was a lie.  He had seen no such thing — not even once.  And now he wants Feinstein's Senate seat!  If Californians are as dumb and uninformed as his current constituents, who keep re-electing him, they will get what they deserve.  He is a menace to society.  The same goes for the moronic Swalwell, of "affair with a Chinese spy" infamy, who makes a fool of himself every time he opens his mouth.

Californians are their own worst enemies.  They have voted to be the most self-destructive state in the nation — so self-destructive that residents are leaving in droves.  Gov. Newsom is the most self-unaware governor in the nation.  He and his gender-obsessed wife are a blight on the state.

Given the Biden-engineered state of the country — we are being intentionally energy-starved, our food supply is being targeted, our southern border has been erased, over five million migrants welcomed and subsidized while millions of homeless people subsist on our streets, the economy is in as bad a place as it was in 1932 — it's infuriating that what gets the "Squad's" panties in a bunch is the protection of a reprehensible anti-Semite who strives for the destruction of Israel and who has made it pretty clear that she thought 9/11 was a righteous event — "some people did something" is how she offhandedly referred to that horrific terrorist attack.  She's an anti-American reprobate and proud of it.  And by the way, her own district is a hot mess.

While some of what we are seeing unfold in America now has been long in coming, the Biden administration has done more damage than anyone would have thought possible in two years.  While people like the Squad and those who defend their anti-Americanism/pro-communism have sullied Congress, so have people like the sadly brain-damaged Fetterman and rabid leftists like Raskin, Sheila Jackson Lee, Schumer, Pelosi, et al.  None of these people has the character the Founders (or MLK) envisioned our representatives having: a selfless love of country.

The same goes for Biden's pathetic Cabinet: Buttigieg! Granholm! Levine! Garland!  There is not one member of his Cabinet who deserves our respect or confidence.

The DOJ, the CIA, and the FBI have been thoroughly weaponized against the American people, including American parents.

Is it any wonder that the country is at the lowest point — culturally, economically, demographically, educationally — in our history?  Our young people are being indoctrinated with insidious Marxist/communist dogma.  Biden has fomented a war that may well lead to nuclear world war and he's done it for greed.  Meanwhile, our elites still worry about plastic utensils in take-away food orders!

We are being led by intellectual morons who have only their own interests at heart.  The pathetic theatrics on the floor of the House on Tuesday over Omar's removal for a committee she never should have been seated on in the first place are just one example of how far the United States has fallen since Biden was illegitimately installed as president.

Can the nation recover?  Only time and the commitment of those of us who love the country will tell.  As for what Biden and his party have done to the economy, it may be too late.

Image: Ilhan Omar.  Credit: Leopaltik1242 via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0.

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