Conservative media needs to develop an eco-system that isn’t an echo chamber

A few days back, the Washington Examiner carried a two-part report on how self-proclaimed 'disinformation' tracking organizations are targeting conservative media.

This is how it works:

Corporate houses hire digital ad companies to run their online advertisement campaigns.

These ad firms, in turn, contract "disinformation" trackers for guidance.

The "disinformation" trackers designate any news website that violates the Democrat groupthink as 'disinformation' spreaders and bigots. They create fancy indices of their supposed metrics and recommendations. They amount to blacklists.

Corporate houses are 'advised' not to advertise with blacklisted websites.

Corporate houses realize the peril of defiance. They fear being accused of funding bigotry, domestic terrorism, anti-scientific ideas, and disinformation, so they comply with the orders.

Consequently, the blacklisted sites, i.e., sites that hold the Democrats accountable and challenge their narratives, lose a valuable stream of funding. There are, according to one such blacklisting outfit (noted here), about 2,000 conservative media outlets on their blacklist.

In exchange, these ‘disinformation’ trackers are rewarded handsomely by Democrat-infiltrated government agencies. The trackers' firms even share personnel with government agencies.

This is a long-term Democrat project aimed at creating a one-party system where the Democrats permanently remain in power.

Rigging elections is also part of this project, done by misusing government powers, promoting mail-in ballots, prolonging the vote count, and allowing vote-counting machines to malfunction.

Allowing the influx of illegal aliens and giving them voting rights to underwhelm the impact of legacy GOP voters is another part of it.

Peddling hoaxes about the GOP via the mainstream media that functions as the PR Wing for the Democrats is yet another part of this.

This one-party "perfect dictatorship"-style system has already been successfully implemented in New York and California, which results in elections bringing in the likes of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Gov. Gavin Newsom.

In addition to conquering D.C., too, leftists have also captured show business, the publishing business, academia, the media, and most inter-governmental organizations such as the UN and NATO.

At educational institutions, the young are brainwashed to think that violators of any of the leftist tenets and narratives are immoral.

Showbiz makes anyone who isn't liberal appear ‘uncool.’

Being left-wing is a lucrative business.

An activist or an advocate for climate change or any of the other leftist causes has copious opportunities to thrive without much strife.

This ecosystem wasn’t built in a day. 

This results from focused but gradual and simultaneous creep, not only in politics but also in the entertainment business, academia, activism, etc.

The left only began demonstrating their true colors during the anti-Vietnam war protests and the Watergate scandal, where they forced Nixon to resign, giving them what they felt was an upper hand.

While this war on normalcy was being waged, conservatives did what they always did. They focused on their lives, caring for their families, earning a living, and minding their own businesses.

The left, on the other hand, is intolerant and designates immorality to anyone that disagrees with them. The left follows a groupthink and organizes on that basis.

There is no groupthink among conservatives; each has his or her own ideas about life, and every opinion is respected.

Today, a point has been reached where the left is attempting to outlaw political opposition and shut down contrarians' views.

If challengers and dissenters are branded as disinformation peddlers and defunded, they have a total monopoly on the narrative.

The left also has government agencies and the media under their thumb, i.e., they have eliminated all challengers.

The GOP winning an occasional election will not bring about much change.

The effort has to be sustained.

It is time for conservatives to rise up, not to mimic, but to build an eco-system to counter the left.

Perhaps building a strong news media is a start.

The recent attempt by the government to stifle and eventually silence conservative media is a reminder of that.

It is important that everyone does their bit to support conservative media.

We begin with the citizen.

The first step is supporting these media outlets financially. It doesn’t have to be an astronomical amount. A single-digit donation or the occasional subscription payment is perfectly all right. Perhaps a soft drink, or a milkshake, is skipped during a meal, or popcorn is avoided during a movie. This amount saved could be donated to conservative news outlets.

These donations do not even have to be to the same organization. But the goal is to pay to ensure that these outlets are financially independent. This is protection from nefarious powers that are looking for ways to shut them down.

It is also important that news emanating from these media outlets is vastly shared on social media, which increases traffic, which is always good.

Now about GOP politicians.

Perhaps every GOP leader who receives donations for their campaign can find legal ways to donate to these news organizations.

Perhaps GOP House and Senate members in D.C. can challenge the Democrats for funding liberal news organizations or those 'disinfo' trackers.

Perhaps GOP leaders can interact primarily with conservative media.

Instead of appearing on any of the mainstream media shows, they could do video interviews with conservative media.

Perhaps President Trump will stop giving access to snakes such as Maggie Haberman and Bob Woodward and instead give interviews to American Thinker or the Daily Caller or Breitbart or Townhall.

Perhaps after becoming president in 2025, Trump continues to give interviews to conservative media only.

Yes, the mainstream media and the Democrats will call these media outlets ‘far-right’ or ‘alt-right,’ or perhaps even harsher and more pejorative epithets. But the general public may visit these sites out of curiosity, which is how the movement grows.

This ecosystem must not and will never be an echo chamber because conservatism never follows groupthink.

Let's take the GOP as an example to comprehend the absence of groupthink.

The MAGA wing challenges the D.C. establishment and supports the free market, freedom, and liberty. The Ann Coulter wing is disgruntled with the MAGA wing and thinks it has given up on its principles. The GOP establishment wants to destroy the MAGA wing, and so does the D.C. Establishment. The Coulter wing despises the D.C. Establishment. But the D.C. Establishment doesn’t despise the Coulter wing because they don't know it exists. The libertarian wing leans toward the MAGA wing but is not in full support of its entire agenda.

This is real diversity, i.e., the diversity of opinion, and it must continue.

It has to be remembered despite the noise they create, the left is in a minority.

Most people do not want their high taxes or government interference or mandates or lockdowns or overregulation or emergencies or their young children to be exposed to drag shows, etc.

Most people want fair media that exposes them to facts.

Most people want their government to stay out of their lives.

The reason the left has an eco-system is to silence their opposition. They know their ideas are so deficient that no fair-minded individual will approve of them, so the only way to prevail is to shut down their opposition.

Currently, conservative media, which is under constant threat, may seem like a flickering flame that is about to be extinguished.

But with a little support, this flame can be protected and could end up illuminating minds.

The choice is yours.

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