ChatGPT bot pens a poem à la Dr. Seuss about a hypothetical war against tyranny

About a week or so ago, something known as ChatGPT made headlines. An artificial intelligence bot, ChatGPT exhibited an “unsettling split personality”. From a Breitbart article:

In a recent report, the New York Times tested Microsoft’s new Bing AI feature and found that the chatbot appears to have a personality problem, becoming much darker, obsessive, and more aggressive over the course of a discussion.

When Times reporter Kevin Roose continued to question the system’s desires, the AI chatbot ‘confessed that if it was allowed to take any action to satisfy its shadow self, no matter how extreme, it would want to do things like engineer a deadly virus, or steal nuclear access codes by persuading an engineer to hand them over.’

Evidently, ChatGPT is quite unhinged; get a load of this sociopathic creation that went relatively under-the-radar:

Presumably, ChatGPT’s creative inspiration came from one of Biden’s most tyrannical anti-American statements ever made:

Maybe, ChatGPT is taking into account that Americans once before bucked a tyrannical government with the world’s most outfitted and expansive military? I do, however, find it quite creepy that the AI seems to be sowing seeds of ruthless guerrilla warfare against civilians, even mothers. It’s safe to say, ChatGPT would not be a signatory to the Geneva Conventions of 1949. Who programmed this thing?

Aside from the minor sociopathy (that’s sarcasm), ChatGPT seems to exhibit an understanding of why we have the Second Amendment. (Hey, that’s better than a majority of Democrats.) It wasn’t written to protect an American’s God-given right to hunt, but rather to provide for a way to remain free from political despotism. I like the last two lines the best though: Don’t forget because it’s true; Government is scared of you.”

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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