CEO at one of the largest energy companies details the need for ‘automated’ restrictions

Last month at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos, panel speaker Patricia Poppe updated attendees and viewers on the state of the Californian electric grid, and ideas to mitigate future overloads. Her solution? The tried-and-true “rules for thee, but not for me.” Except this time, there’s no illusion of consent; the little guy doesn’t have a choice, because he won’t hold any leverage. (Poppe is the Chief Executive Officer of Pacific Gas & Electric Company, or PG&E, and it is one of the largest utility companies in the United States.)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, they told us we’re all in these overlapping crises (food, energy, financial) “together” — the WEF calls this convergence a “polycrisis” — but asking the pseudo-elites to dial back their extravagance is akin to Great Depression scrimping, and frankly, it’s a bridge too far; this is just part of being a peasant! (Disclaimer: I don’t believe these crises are genuine, but rather manufactured.)

See a clip below:

(I actually went and found the discussion in its entirety, because additional context is needed; tune in at around 19:04.)

As Poppe discussed California’s heat wave last year, she said the following:

In September, we had a peak summer heat event. California had its peak demand for electricity on September 6th. And so, we are boots on the ground, I was standing watching the load curve creep up, and creep up…. But as we got very close to having to, shut down our, transmissions systems, and prevent energy produ-, delivery, to preserve the grid….

Then, as you hear in the video above, Gruesome Newsom’s regime sent out an “emergency” text message to all California phones, appealing to residents to immediately reduce their electrical usage. As Poppe notes, “instantaneously, 2,500 megawatts came off the system.” And, because of course this is a joke to these pseudo-elites, the panel moderator quipped, “but you basically said, ‘guys, switch off your aircon [air conditioner], stop boiling your kettle, no more tea!’” before Poppe interjected with “Californians… are good citizens.” I think the word better suited to describe the crowd she’s referencing is “compliant.”

What I found most disturbing though was the smug “we shouldn’t have to send a text message” remark, because what she meant was: an “automated” system will bypass the need to request compliance — it can simply be forced. Here are her words exactly:

Californians responded, because they’re good citizens. But what it says, is… that [lowered electric usage] could be automated with smart devices, wifi communicating devices, and electric vehicles.

Given Poppe’s transparency in public, I can only imagine what she says behind closed doors. ‘Ugh, how annoying that all these little tax slaves still have some leverage. I know! Automation! Then, their compliance isn’t part of the equation! We won’t even need to ask!’

Smart cities coming in hot; beware!

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